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We are a global technology consulting, administrative and financial services outsourcing, digital marketing, and best practices research company with more than 20 years of experience.

At excelia we are specialists in the design, development, and exploitation of different transversal digital solutions.

We add value by accelerating the internationalization and digitization of companies and institutions of any size, sector, or geographic scenario.

We have four main business areas: Business & Technology Consulting, Business Process Solutions, Digital Marketing and Best Practices.

On the one hand, within BPS, we offer global solutions that allow the outsourcing of your financial department in all the countries where you have presence, thanks to local expert teams, shared services center in Spain, USA and Colombia, international coverage, single point of contact, directors and controllers focused on each client, and a global network of partners. At the same time, we have a series of services that we work with in each project, among them: employer of record, accounting and reporting, tax, R&D&I financing grants, administrative and staffing, legal, HR and locations.

On the other hand, within B&TC, we have professionals specialized in the most innovative and demanded technologies on the market, with the main objective of being able to offer our clients high added value services that allow them to obtain competitive advantages and be leaders in their sectors. The services in which we have a high expertise are: data and analytics, software development, digital and application services, cloud IT and infrastructure, power platform and automation, cyber risks, and strategy consulting.

We also create digital strategies to scale our clients' business, increase revenue, and improve the digital experience, through our Digital Marketing area. We digitize and transform the business, creating differential value.

Through our Best Practices area, we advise companies in strategic decision making by identifying, analyzing, and communicating best practices, so that they have the maximum impact and minimum risk for their business, through trends and ideas carried out by leading organizations.


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