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dev5310 is an expert for integration, programming and consulting of JAVA Enterprise Content Management Systems such as Magnolia.

"As a small technology consulting firm, success is critical for us. We bring an extensive portfolio, optimized processes and solutions. In our 20+ years of experience as consultants and technologists, we have overseen many successful implementations." - Peter Müller, CEO

dev5310 is an expert for integration, programming and consulting around your Magnolia Content Management System. Back in 2008, my founding partner and I successfully implemented the first project with Magnolia CMS, then still version 3. Since then we are happy about successful installations, programming and consulting orders, for market leaders, hidden champions or SMEs. We put all our eggs in one basket when it comes to content management: "We have been working exclusively with Magnolia since our founding", which makes us true experts.

Light Development
As soon as we heard that Magnolia was going its own way to replace the dinosaur Blossom, we knew something big was happening. Light Development gives our Fullstack Developers the freedom to design and implement any project, no matter how special or complex. Our Magnolia backend specialists can focus on setup, business logic and deep JAVA tasks. This not only saves a lot of time and money but also contributes to the feelgood factor of our company.

Web and Network Security
Hackers are experts in finding unknown ways to find vulnerabilities in systems.

Technology Consulting
Human beings stand at the center of our attention. That's why we don't want to tell you what our company can do for you, but we want to put the spotlight on our consultants. Each of them is an expert and together they are a strong team for your success. Business, technology and projects are the core components of our power triangle.

Our ability to leverage multiple interface technologies and integrate with the WCMS allows us to create highly integrated solutions and valuable marketing tools. We use the CMS as a platform and framework to create multi-layered architectures and combine the data layers and presentation layers to fit perfectly. Depending on customer requirements, we use technologies, frameworks and tools such as Spring, Hibernate, vue.js, MQ, Kafka, WebServices, Redis and others. In terms of hosting, we are experts in on premise, virtual and cloud hosting. We consider our mission not only as software development, but also as a holistic approach that includes build, integration, delivery, runtime and change. 

Remote working
Mobile working is the buzzword of the new work generation. Whether home office or coworking space - also at dev5310 we live remote work in our agile development teams every day.


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