Magnolia Marketplace Program

The Marketplace is the central source for customers who look for additional solutions to customize Magnolia and accelerate integration to third-party services. Partners can join the Marketplace program and contribute with their extensions; there is no prerequisite for being a certified solution partner. 


Benefits for partners

Contributing your extensions to the Magnolia Marketplace offers you a multitude of benefits:

  • Differentiate by demonstrating your unique skills
  • Demonstrate in-depth Magnolia knowledge  
  • Become a recommended partner for your field of expertise 
  • Get direct project inquiries and generate leads
  • Generate additional revenue through your extension

Marketing & Promotion

Once your extension is published, you can pick from several promotional tools to broaden its reach:

  • Press release: using the Magnolia template 

  • Blog: featured article on the Magnolia Blog   

  • Webinar: joint webinar together with Magnolia 

  • Magnolia corporate channels: social media, email, partner portal

  • Magnolia sales team: we may also require from you other materials such as a pitch slide for Magnolia sales presentations, demo access for our solution architects, reference customers, or case studies - to enable our sales teams also directly to promote your extension


Requirements for publication

The Marketplace Partner is responsible for the development, support and maintenance of the extension. The Partner must maintain the extension based on a defined minimal SLA and keep the extension up to date on new Magnolia releases.

Getting started

Ready to start? You can find below the resources and information required for submitting an extension. 

Ready to submit your extension?

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