Digital Experience in 2021

Discover why the modern digital experience requires a more customer-centric approach and how to build a strategy to keep up with the new challenges.

DX in 2021-mockup

Digital Experience in 2021 and beyond

The speed of digital transformation has forced many businesses to improve their digital presence. But just having a digital presence isn’t enough as brands must focus on the customer and take a new approach to meet their needs in 2021 and beyond. 

What does that approach look like?

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  • Adapting to new digital trends
  • The type of content that wins today
  • The cutting-edge experiences consumers demand
  • The role of voice and Google’s customer-focused changes
  • Why customer-centric content will take centre stage
  • The importance of leveraging consumer data
  • Technologies that can empower marketers and developers alike
  • How a modern best-of-breed DXP can transform experiences