Webinar: The State of Omnichannel 2020

Gain the insights you need to implement a successful omnichannel content strategy


With customers engaging with your brand across an evergrowing number of digital channels, ensuring these interactions flow together into one cohesive, memorable experience is how you gain a competitive advantage.

That's why implementing a successful omnichannel content strategy is so important. For this webinar, we brought together content management expert Karen McGrane of Bond Art + Science and Brian Warrick of Magnolia Americas to provide the answers you need to build an impactful omnichannel strategy.

Watch this webinar for answers to key omnichannel questions like:

  • How can my company get from a multi-channel to an omnichannel approach?
  • Which technical requirements are needed?
  • What skillsets and roles are necessary to move an omnichannel strategy forward?
  • Which companies are doing the best job with omnichannel?
  • How do you measure the success of omnichannel?



Karen McGrane

Managing Partner at Bond Art + Science

For more than fifteen years Karen has helped create more usable digital products through the power of user experience design and content strategy. She founded Bond Art + Science in 2006, and has led content strategy and information architecture engagements for The Atlantic, Fast Company, Franklin Templeton, and Marriott.


Brian Warrick

General Manager, Magnolia Americas at Magnolia

In over 10 years at Magnolia, Brian has helped some of the largest brands in North America achieve their digital experience goals. He sees today’s technology issues from both the tech and business sides, having held positions from systems administration to sales for companies with up to 50,000 employees.