Magnolia DXP in the Cloud:
Magnolia Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Get the leading composable DXP as a service for fast and flexible deployments, high-performance experiences, efficient operations, and tight security.


What Is Magnolia’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)?

Magnolia’s PaaS deployment model leverages infrastructure from renowned IaaS vendors and adds specialized platform features on top of it.

The features of this managed service help reduce the cost and effort of hosting, customizing, and managing the Magnolia application.

Instead of understanding, installing, and managing the underlying infrastructure, engineers can stay focused on building and deploying new capabilities for content authors and end users, reducing your digital experiences’ time to market.

Magnolia PaaS Stack

Benefits of Magnolia PaaS


Fast And Flexible Deployment

  • Integration, UAT, and, production environments out of the box
  • Unlimited feature environments for development and testing
  • CI/CD pipeline blueprints for automated backend and frontend deployments

High-Performance Experiences

  • Deployment across multiple regions and clouds for fast content delivery globally
  • Load balancing and content caching for even better performance
  • Dynamic resource allocation and scaling to cope with traffic spikes

Secure And Efficient Operations

  • Highly available infrastructure combined with our certified security concept
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting to prevent and resolve issues quickly
  • Cost control and governance via convenient self-service

When to Choose PaaS Deployment?

Choose Your Cloud(s). Choose Your Region(s).

We deploy the Magnolia PaaS to a cloud vendor and geographies of your choice. We also enable hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios. Please speak to us if you don’t see your preferred IaaS vendor.

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What You Get with Magnolia PaaS

Magnolia PaaS

Magnolia application

Customer Success Manager and support

Uptime - (99.8% or 99.9%)

Infrastructure and provisioning

Kubernetes orchestration

Load balancer and content delivery network (CDN)

Code and Docker repository

CI/CD pipelines

Zero-downtime rolling upgrades

Enterprise security

Why Lottoland Chose Magnolia PaaS

Navigating the landscape of Digital Experience Platforms can be tricky. Hear from Lottoland how their team defined, prepared for, and ran the selection process—and why Magnolia PaaS was their solution of choice.

Did You Know?

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