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“The Customer Experience Journey (CXJ) has proven to be a strong basis for organizational change. The digital platform built for enhancing the CXJ gives MCAM many insights into our customers’ behavior on digital channels, as well as their corresponding needs and preferences.

Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials (MCAM)

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MCAM (Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials) is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastic materials. With the strategic guidance from Magnolia partner TRIMM, MCAM embarked on an initiative to embed the customer experience journey, evolving its business model to serve new market segments directly and generate more value.

A new platform that combines business development, products and services, ecommerce, and customer data was built with Magnolia DXP as the content and experience hub. Three customer touchpoints help connect entrepreneurs and customers in a seamless, unified experience:

  • The open innovation platform, Growth Garage, enables collaboration with entrepreneurs to develop and scale new innovative products and solutions.
  • The new helps visitors learn more about the company and the different possibilities that it enables them to bring to market.
  • The new ecommerce and customer platform, Connect, helps customers do business easier, and provides information about current orders conveniently.

With the help of Magnolia DXP, MCAM unified its branding and the customer experience across all digital channels—strengthening its innovator positioning.

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