Grolsch impresses with new digital solutions for customers and business partners

Dutch brewery Grolsch relied on TRIMM and Magnolia for the creation of a new B2B portal and successful launch of a digital B2C campaign


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New digital solutions for Dutch brewery Grolsch

The B2B world is filled with growing expectations. Catering businesses are used to handling all tasks and challenges with self-service solutions, but digitalization has been advancing in this industry as well.

As the leading beer supplier in the Netherlands, Grolsch couldn't ignore the fact that catering companies were looking for a digital platform to handle all internal disciplines within the B2B sector. Magnolia was able to provide what they were looking for with the launch of a new innovative portal. 

The Challenge

Providing efficient customer management and a mobile-first design

The main challenge for Magnolia in creating the B2B portal was meeting the requirements of all Grolsch's catering partners:

  • A single entry point for all online tools,

  • Efficient handling of customer inquiries,

  • Relief of customer support staff,

  • Allowing different departments to benefit from existing relationships and bringing them closer together


Grolsch also earmarked Magnolia as the perfect solution for another campaign: Kornuit, the beer brand for the target group of urban youngsters. Mobile-first was an essential requirement for these hip young beer drinkers since 70 percent of consumers access the internet via mobile devices. The goal was  to create a digital solution with a modern appearance geared towards popular consumer devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The Solution

A platform and a campaign that meet the needs

Bringing the customer closer

Duurzame Horeca is a high-performance tool for catering companies, allowing them to grow faster and more efficiently. The new offering of the portal takes a considerable load off of customer support staff, giving Grolsch's employees more freedom for their actual work.

The new self-service portal unites all back-end systems and provides a standardized one-stop-shop. By bundling the internal services, Grolsch was able to create lucrative added value for both sides of the B2B relationship. 

Data and analyses for business intelligence enable businesses to view relevant information and be proactive in realizing all digital potential. The new platform also supports account managers in their work by providing an efficient way of preparing for a site visit.


Tackling the younger generation

Magnolia’s strengths were most prominent in the advertising campaign for young beer drinkers, Kornuit. With the solution from Magnolia, Kornuit can now meet several goals at once:

  • Producing content for the target group in the desired format, which is updated all the time is an easy task for editors thanks to Magnolia.

  • A mobile-first design facilitates consistent alignment of the user interface and functionality on mobile devices.This hardware plays an incredibly important role with the young target group in big cities.

  • The mobile solution also incorporates horizontal swiping. Through swiping right or left, visitors can access content even faster without ruining the user experience.


Achieving maximum design freedom

As a content management system,  Magnolia provides scalability, usability, and the ability to reuse components and content easily. Now Kornuit can readily provide content to the target group, keeping it permanently up to date.

Digital agency and Magnolia partner TRIMM, developed user-defined applications that enable editors to build forms themselves, edit product data from the web service and email templates, and manage email addresses. 

Now, editors benefit from maximum design freedom, which is largely a result of the developed template that consists solely of a header and footer. In between these, editors have enough space to design the page individually.

The Result

Two strong online presences for Grolsch

The Grolsch portal, Duurzame Horeca, clearly shows the fundamental progress Magnolia has made from CMS to digital experience platform. Modern catering companies expect a digital platform that allows them to coordinate all internal disciplines from a central point.

  • The new DXP, which integrates  Microsoft 365 & Microsoft BI Tools, among others, enables customer support staff to send targeted messages to customers.

  • The platform simplifies segmentation of the recipients by customer type or other areas.


Magnolia also proved to be the right resource for the creation of the Kornuit campaign: The beer brand for the target group of urban youngsters now has a modern digital look. The new Kornuit website is anything but traditional, just like its target group. 

Now, they can leverage a content platform that is fully tailored to the wants and needs of urban youngsters. Above all, this includes practical swipe technology which enables them to get to the content they want fast, simply by swiping.

Whether you plan to replace your ecommerce CMS or compose your own ecommerce platform - Magnolia’s got you covered.

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