EFG International unites all branches in a new digital platform

With the help of Tinext and Magnolia, EFG International was able to complete its digital merger.



Financial Services






A unified platform for a major Swiss private bank

EFG International is one of Switzerland's largest private banks, offering first-class financial expertise in private banking and asset management for customers on three continents. In 2017, EFG merged with BSI, the largest foreign bank at the time, with offices in Switzerland and abroad. The merger made EFG International the fifth largest private bank in Switzerland, and they needed a new digital presence to reflect these changes. 


The Challenge

Manage content efficiently, securely, and intuitively

EFG International's former website could no longer support the complexity of the operations to be performed. Not only did small changes need to be reviewed by the IT department, but complex and strict processes made implementation tedious and expensive. EFG International needed a technological web structure that was flexible and easy to use by everyone, given the growing global competition. At the same time, it had to guarantee the highest security standards typical of Swiss banking services.

The Solution

A multi-tenant solution hosted in a Swiss cloud

Digital consultants Tinext, developed a multi-tenant solution comprising the 22 web pages for the bank's headquarters and all its worldwide branches and subsidiaries. Content previously on EFG's and BSI's legacy websites is now combined into one platform – on efginternational.com. This new principal website is more accessible, modern and easy to navigate than the former sites.

More clarity
Detailed information on the bank's services and investment solutions is now easily accessible via the home page. It has also been subdivided into two sections: private customers and business customers.

Easily extendable
Editors can now easily create new content and pages, e.g. for new markets or various other special purposes. The system offers them greater independence, a multitude of templates and functions, and ensures adherence to corporate guidelines.

Everything in one cloud
The entire infrastructure is hosted in a private cloud, and managed by Tinext in a Tier 3 data center located in Switzerland.

The Result

EFG Bank responsive website

EFG International unites all branches in a new digital platform

Magnolia’s modern CMS made it possible for the merger to succeed on a digital level. Tinext supported both banks all the way – from start to finish – and conjured up the new platform in just four months. The agency provided analysis, architecture, UX design, development, integration, training, and support. The result is 20+ web pages on a single platform and an 80% speed increase in web page design.


web pages on a single platform


months from start to finish


faster design of the web pages

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