Magnolia developer certification

Magnolia's certification program lets you build your developer skills and showcase your experience working with Magnolia.

Front-End Developer Certification


This first-level front-end certification confirms that you are proficient in Light Development and are able to develop fully working light modules and work on small to medium-sized Magnolia projects.

Associate Developer Certification


This first-level certification shows that you have a solid understanding of Magnolia, are able to use your existing Java skills and are ready to work on large Magnolia projects alongside experienced developers.

Magnolia Professional Certification


This highest-level certificate is awarded after a one-day remote or in-house project-based skills assessment (project presentation + oral examination) and proves that you have in-depth knowledge and expertise working with Magnolia.

How to get certified

Attend training

Learn how to work with Magnolia from the experts. Bonus: The certification exam comes with the training package.

Get tested

If you have enough Magnolia knowledge and back-end experience, take the ADC exam directly.

Contact us

Not sure which certification to take or how to prepare for the exam? Our team is more than happy to give you advice.

Find a certified Magnolia developer

Project managers value Magnolia skills and often ask Magnolia to point them to certified developers. To verify a developer's Magnolia certification, type his/her name into the search field below. 

Note: Certified developers who opted out of having their names searchable are not included in the online listing. 

To ask for a copy of a developer's certificate, please contact Magnolia directly.  We will only provide a copy of the certificate to the project manager.