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How bike leasing company JobRad gains agility and delivers better user experience with Magnolia CMS. 




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An innovative company needed to let its marketers do their jobs. Fast. Easily.

Freiburg, Germany based JobRad was born out of the idea that, while many employees are offered a company car, every employee should have the chance to get a company bike. With JobRad, employers can agree to provide leased bikes at optimal cost to their employees. JobRad's customers – more than 15,000 companies throughout Germany – range from small local companies to large enterprises like Lufthansa, L'Oréal and Bosch. The JobRad website is a key part of the brand’s marketing funnel, responsible for the conversion of visitor to lead. JobRad’s marketing team turned to Magnolia for a CMS that would let them publish quickly and target content to the right visitors.


Complex information needs simple workflows

JobRad needed an easier way to manage and update its corporate website with relevant and critical content around its business and the latest tax rules related to environmental incentives. The company wanted a CMS that was straightforward to use and could work with the latest technologies like PWAs (progressive web apps) to offer a more dynamic digital experience. Most important, JobRad's business model and the tax benefits are complex, so the company needed to better inform its potential customers through its website, at the speed required. All content, from a savings calculator to frequently asked questions, needed to be in front of the right user at the right time and updated continuously in response to market changes. JobRad's marketers were using an in-house CMS solution that simply did not give them the speed and agility they needed.

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A straightforward CMS with light development features

JobRad based its CMS decision on a list of over eighty questions to determine the fit of a series of vendors – and Magnolia fit best. The company primarily chose Magnolia for its flexibility to present content how they wanted and the reduced learning curve involved. The CMS provided the tools JobRad needed to develop a new website and provide other digital experiences quickly and efficiently. For JobRad, Magnolia proved to be extremely easy to work with.

Accelerated development

Magnolia has shortened the feedback loop for developers with automatic redeployments, significantly increasing the speed of development. The JobRad development team was able to implement the CMS while quickly building new features on the website from scratch.

Empowering the frontend

During the Magnolia implementation, JobRad developed everything from scratch using Magnolia’s light development features that let you build frontend experiences fast – with minimal code. This included a new navigation, a dynamic news section, a tax benefit calculator, and more.

Create once, publish everywhere

JobRad also used Magnolia’s Content App feature to create their own FAQ module. The module simplified the previously manual process, so that the company can now curate FAQs in one place on the backend, and distribute them to multiple customer touchpoints automatically.


JobRad found that Magnolia fulfilled all its needs, and there was no functionality they wanted that the CMS couldn’t be customized to provide. JobRad has also seen tremendous business value for its customers after implementing Magnolia. With the news section and other dynamic content and tools, user engagement has grown dramatically: up to 400% increase in site interactions - such as a download form, a PDF document, calculating a benefit, or finding a bike dealer in the nearest area.

With Magnolia, JobRad can now effectively deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time and work towards its mission of getting more people on bikes.


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