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Meet the team building Magnolia for the real-world needs of our customers and partners. 


What we do

At Magnolia, we build a platform for large-scale enterprises like Atlassian, The New York Times, or Tesco to develop their websites and other digital experiences.

Born as an open-source CMS more than 15 years ago, our platform has evolved to be one of the most competitive solutions at the edge of web development.

How we work

The coolest thing about developing Magnolia is that it’s a product that lets others build their own products on top of it. We give tools and solutions for our customers to be creative. 

We work agile on domain-specific teams, where everyone can have an impact. No cumbersome hierarchies, no bottlenecks.

The tools we use

Our tech stack

In those seven years that I’ve worked for Magnolia, I think I didn’t have a day where I didn’t like to work. And I think that’s special.
Anja von Gunten

Anja von Gunten

Product Design Lead

At Magnolia, we all have the opportunity to personally influence the development of the product.
Sasha Pchelintcev

Sasha Pchelintcev

Engineering Manager

The amount of autonomy that you have at Magnolia is incredible.
Marta Kobus

Marta Kobus

Head of Engineering

I have the luck to work with the best team that I’ve worked with in my whole career.
Matt Rajkovic

Matt Rajkovic

Product Manager


Stay on top

We’re always working on big things and technologies to align with the future of web and software development.


Work with the best 

We’re a team of passionate and smart people, who care for what they deliver and share from their know-how and experience.


Enjoy a unique culture    

Where flexibility, empowerment, transparency, and authenticity are key values that we stand for and live by every day.

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