Magnolia at the OMR Festival

9 - 10 May 2023 | Hamburg Exhibition Center

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OMR is Europe’s leading platform for the global digital economy, spanning content, events and technology. Launched as the “Online Marketing Rockstars” conference in 2011, OMR has advanced to a 360° digital media company, whose products include an English and German blog, numerous podcast formats, educational seminars, a jobs portal and industry parties, in addition to the flagship event—the two-day OMR Festival. The company employs a full-time staff of 140 and is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Our highlight:

How headless boosts your content-commerce

How do you stand out in modern e-commerce? To stand out from the ever-growing competition, companies need to design unique digital experiences instead of monotonous product pages.
The interaction of inspiring and informative content along the customer journey is therefore also a central part of the OBI mission: We enable you to create your Home & Garden.

In this masterclass, OBI and Magnolia present two integrated approaches for a future-proof content and commerce strategy, as well as the tools needed to make it happen. What does it mean to take a composable commerce approach and is it enough to "just" switch to headless? How do we create a consistent and customer-centric journey across web, app and store channels?

What you can expect from us


Composable Commerce: The Answer to New Challenges

What does it actually mean to be composable? What are the advantages of Composable Commerce? And how do companies best implement a strategy that truly follows a composable approach? We provide you with answers about composability and show you what opportunities Composable Commerce has in store for you.

Integrations 2

The World of DXP

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is now a thoroughly familiar term. The evolution of the MarTech stack to DXP has numerous benefits for your marketing and CX efforts. Get to know how to build a modular DXP and what tools really matter. We answer your questions and show you how to use a DXP and create an excellent Customer Experience with it.


From practice for practice – a look at content commerce strategies

A content commerce strategy is becoming increasingly important in today's Ecommerce. By cleverly combining high-quality, target-group-relevant content with targeted product placement, companies succeed in arousing their customers' interest and building long-term relationships. Appealing content creates added value, informs and inspires at the same time. This creates a win-win situation: customers feel well advised and understood, while companies can effectively present their products and services and increase sales. 

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