Magnolia at the B2B Marketing Days 2023

10 - 11 October 2023 | VCC Würzburg



Complex products, lengthy decision cycles, and a demanding target audience – these are the challenges that marketing executives from industrial and technology companies face. The marconomy B2B Marketing Days showcase how companies can confront these challenges and successfully employ trends from the consumer sector in the B2B realm. Marketing and sales executives from mid-sized businesses benefit from knowledge exchange in interactive formats, familiarize themselves with new technologies, and craft strategies for their B2B marketing efforts.

Our highlight:

At the B2B Marketing Days, Magnolia, interactive tools, and KTR Systems present an insight into the extensive rebranding project of the KTR brand. The primary goal of this project is to make the KTR brand and its diverse product range digitally accessible as an internationally operating B2B company. With expertise and technical know-how, interactive tools has successfully integrated the entire corporate presence of KTR Systems into the new Digital Experience Platform,, thereby elevating the user experience to a higher level. The technological foundation for this ongoing redesign is the Magnolia DXP.

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What you can expect from us

Integrations 2

The World of DXP

The evolution of the MarTech stack towards a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) brings numerous advantages for your marketing and customer engagement. We would be pleased to provide you with information at our booth on how to build a modular DXP and which tools are crucial in this regard.


Real composability


Companies usually lack sufficient development and IT resources to build a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) entirely from scratch or to assemble one manually by coding from existing microservices. Magnolia provides the essential components for crafting your DXP and offers the capability to effortlessly incorporate modular elements such as microservices as needed.


At the core of your DXP: the headless CMS

The headless CMS is the heart of your DXP. With it, you create and manage your complete customer experiences for all digital channels. Through the headless approach, you can practically connect Magnolia to any digital frontend. It doesn't matter whether you manage content for the website, the shop, or an app within the CMS: You create content only once and can use it anywhere and as often as you want.

Learn how to successfully meet the challenges of modern B2B commerce across teams.