Forrester's Digital Transformation Europe 2018

Meet Magnolia at Forrester's Digital Transformation Europe 2018, from June 14 to 15 in London, UK.


Mastering integrations to effectively
transform digital experience

Digital transformation is an ongoing journey to connect business cultures, content and technology. Tapping on its expertise from some of the most demanding DX projects, Magnolia will share insights into how its customers master the challenges of integrating technology, removing silos and building agile platforms and processes.

Magnolia is delighted to be a gold sponsor of the Forrester Digital Transformation Europe 2018 event, from June 14 to 15, at the O2 InterContinental in London, UK.

Three pillars of transformation

What matters most in digital transformation projects? When the scope is so large, what priorities lead to the best results? Join this session to learn why culture, technology and content (as a part of brand) should be three of the pillars for your digital transformation.


Aaron Suppel

Senior Product Owner GNB at American Express

As a product owner in a global role at American Express, Aaron Suppel uses his creative expertise and knowledge of digital marketing and platforms to lead teams in delivering unified web experiences.


Zak Greant

Head of Global Marketing at Magnolia International Ltd.

With a strong grounding in Free Software and Open Source startups and non-profits, Zak leads global marketing activities at Magnolia. Before joining Magnolia, he worked with or contributed to the PHP project, MySQL, the Mozilla Foundation, the Open Source Initiative, the Free Software Foundation, eZ Systems and the WikiMedia Foundation.

Why attend


Emerging trends

Get up-to-speed on the latest technologies to power up your digital transformation.


Industry leaders

Interact with 700+ technology and business leaders, innovators and practitioners.


Real customer stories

Go behind the scenes for key learnings that you can apply to your business.


Magnolia’s component design leverages content pools to drive dynamic content, while backend extensibility builds on open source and offers flexible integration.

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Register at a discount

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Achieving leadership in digital insurance

How health insurer Visana uses Magnolia to become a leading digital service health insurer


Digitally transforming the bank next door

Eight steps from a simple but solid approach to a successful digital transformation

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