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Personalization with Magnolia
Personalization with Magnolia

Personalization with Magnolia

If you’re not currently making the most of personalization within your content strategy, then chances are high that you’re already miles behind the competition as serving content that matches your target segments makes a huge difference compared to serving one size fits all experiences.

The stakes continue to be raised when it comes to personalization for those that don’t have the right approach as they risk to fall further behind others in their industry.

Getting personalization right requires your brand to have access to relevant customer data and flexible content architecture. Once you have that, then it’s possible for you to leverage it and build the personalized experiences your customers will love.

Building a personalization strategy requires a solution that really fits your organization’s needs. This requires a best of breed approach to get the tooling that you really need to boost your outcomes.

Some of the factors to consider when deciding on a best-of-breed solution for your personalization needs include the integrations you need, the channels where you’ll publish content and the features and contents you need to access.

Magnolia provides all of this and more as part of our best-of-breed digital experience platform. We have all of the tools necessary for you to create, manage, personalize, analyze and optimize your content to deliver exceptional results.

How Important Is Your MarTech Stack for your Personalization Efforts?

The key component of an effective personalization strategy is an agile martech stack. One that’s flexible enough to connect to multiple sources and scale as you integrate more channels. At the core of such a martech stack is your CMS. It is the key to shape the content types and pools you need to execute your content strategy.

Personalization late followers struggle with a means to unify their systems. They need to replace ageing monolithic systems that don’t quite serve them anymore, and they aren’t excited about having to undergo a long migration process to another CMS.

But playing the waiting game is causing more harm than good. The lack of adequate resources can make it difficult for organizations to personalize experiences for their customers. Basic segmentation and personalization are no longer cutting it.

Instead, brands need to rely on a digital experience hub that connects them to data and services to help them to draw insights and then allows them to take advantage of these insights with proper action.

Magnolia CMS provides the answer and allows brands to develop a customer-oriented experience. German insurance company Hannoversche was able to capitalize on this with their website relaunch efforts and also benefited from Magnolia’s built-in personalization tools.

Magnolia’s Personalization Capabilities

Adapting content to your visitor’s personal preferences, needs and capabilities is the essence of personalization.

Personalization provides more relevance and engagement, turning a static experience into an interactive one. With content explicitly tailored, you increase the chances of getting a visitor to stay on your website and eventually converting them.

Magnolia’s personalization component offers a few key functionalities that help do this.

  • Variants replace original content with alternatives once personalization rules are matched.

  • Traits help to identify and map your visitors to matching customer segments.

  • Rules push the most relevant content to the user and filter out anything that is deemed irrelevant.

  • Segmentation allows you to divide your audience into different categories to improve targeting.

  • Personas help to put a human face on abstract data and make segmentation easier.

Other Features

Magnolia offers more than just tools that help with basic personalization. We go more in-depth with extensions for advanced features as well.

Content Recommender

With the Content Recommender, you can deliver content and experiences based on your users’ interests and journeys in real-time.

This helps to improve conversions and reduce bounce rates by providing your visitors with a relevant experience each time they visit depending on their stage in the customer journey.

Advanced Personalization

Once personalization gets more complicated, it can hurt overall performance, despite improvements in conversion rates. With the Advanced Personalization extension, a more flexible way is available to define rules using rules-based personalization and match component variations.

With better targeting and fewer variants to manage, users can benefit from out of the box traits like incoming request header and query parameters.

Blueprints for Deep Personalization

Learn the key steps towards building personalized customer experiences.

Optimize Your Content with Magnolia’s Personalization Capabilities

Personalization can be the primary differentiator between your brand and your nearest competitor.

A hybrid headless CMS like Magnolia can help you to not only create the most relevant content for your ideal customer (headless CMS personalization) but also use data to optimize your website and content even further for visitors.

With unified customer data, you can track users across any Magnolia touchpoint. Enrolling customers digitally with forms becomes effortless, and the customer data can be integrated into your platform to provide a 360-degree view of your audience.

Personalization leads to increased flexibility and better brand engagement. Use your content pools to not only engage your audience, but with personalized experiences, you can define segments and personas that hone in on the individual experiences based on their profile and customer intent.

Choosing the content that best suits your audience can only be determined by proper testing and optimization. With A/B testing, you can experiment and then rely on the Google Analytics integration to aid with the distribution and analysis of variants.

Magnolia also provides marketing tags for tracking performance on different pages. When combined with embedded analytics, you can bring data directly to the authoring interface. Magnolia’s integrated user interface makes it easy to view metrics in context so that you can make the best content decisions.

Finally, a powerful SEO module and integration from Siteimprove allows you to run diagnostics on-page and receive recommendations for improvement.

A website revamp with Magnolia allowed Alior Bank to create experiences that their customers loved. “Thanks to Magnolia and its features, our website’s visitors are now more likely to choose our offer because they receive relevant content and personalized information,” said Ewa Krassowska, Marketing Manager at Alior Bank.

Hyper-personalization has become a requirement for brands in today’s digital environment. Magnolia takes the guesswork out of personalization and gives you a leg up against your competition.

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