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  • Feb 24, 2022
  • 6 MIN
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Magnolia: The #1 Content Platform for Ecommerce

Magnolia: The #1 Content Platform for Ecommerce

When legendary boxer Muhammad Ali said he was the greatest, he backed it up with numerous title fight wins. Tom Brady won 7 Super Bowls. Michael Jordan 6 NBA Championships. The athletes who were dubbed number 1 in their careers have accumulated several victories throughout history.

Among software vendors? Those wins come from customer satisfaction. When you have happy customers, recognition from reviews sites and top analyst firms, and continue to strive for more, then you can classify yourselves among the best. We’re often asked why we’re the #1 content platform for ecommerce, and for us, that comes down to the quality of the solutions and services we provide for our customers.

So What’s Our Secret Sauce?

Here are four main benefits and capabilities that Magnolia brings—and that we’ve seen are pivotal to creating modern ecommerce experiences:

1 - Easy Content Authoring

Putting content and commerce together isn’t just about the seamless transition between your main website and ecommerce shop. Marketers also need the capabilities to create content marketing campaigns to promote products and drive traffic and conversions.

Magnolia’s WYSIWYG Visual SPA Editor makes it easy to create and edit content, even in various headless scenarios with custom-made frontends for channels outside the main website. Marketers don’t need to fear leaving the comfort of their traditional CMS content authoring interfaces and can fully embrace headless and the benefits it provides for ecommerce.

This is an extremely powerful feature, and quite unmatched in the headless world.

2 - Go Headless Without Losing Your Head

Those enterprises that heard about the benefits of headless architecture but have yet to take the plunge may feel daunted at the prospect of moving away from their legacy systems. You can suddenly connect to different frontend, but you may be asking if your small frontend development team can create the custom frontends for multiple channels. Can you truly take advantage of the headless approach, or have you just given them even more (complicated) work to do?

Magnolia simplifies getting headless projects up to speed with our Headless Accelerator. Developers can spin up headless projects in less than 5 mins using ready-made web components that work with any frontend and are integrated with the CMS.

Again, this is quite unique and powerful, as developers get one pattern to do content and commerce in the same way and can build frontends for ecommerce stores and mobile shopping apps faster than ever.

Choosing a CMS for the Future of Ecommerce

Learn how headless commerce can help you overcome your everyday challenges ecommerce and weave together your shop and website seamlessly.

3 - Fast and Smooth Integrations

There’s nothing more frustrating for your developers than needing to integrate a new piece of software into the tech stack when everything isn’t compatible. This is a major problem among legacy and traditional systems and can slow down new campaigns and project rollouts.

Magnolia is a commerce cloud CMS with pre-built commerce connectors that accelerate integration with most of the popular commerce systems available, including Commercetools, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and SAP Commerce.

The Commerce Connector Pack leverages common microservices across your platform and comes with an integration framework that allows you to build your connector quickly. This will enable you to connect to any other system or effortlessly swap systems when you need to without any hassle. Plus, as a headless system, Magnolia provides APIs that make it easy to integrate with other platforms that can further enhance the customer experience, saving developers time and resources.

4 - Commerce Boosting Features

Your developers will love the easy integrations and how easy it is to get started with headless projects, and marketers will enjoy the user-friendly content authoring. However, Magnolia offers so much more with several features that you may not know you need for ecommerce. Here are some of them:

Pre-Scheduled Campaigns

It can get complicated when juggling an ecommerce store, a website and potentially mobile apps, social media channels, and more. With the Campaign Manager, it’s easy to manage several campaign assets and reuse them across various interaction points.

Marketers can create, manage, and pre-schedule campaigns in one place with an easy authoring experience with visual feedback, layout capabilities, and more.

Global Rollouts

With the worldwide marketplace that ecommerce provides, your marketing team needs the capacity to roll out campaigns across your different sites for multiple regions and countries.

However, doing this without duplicating content can be difficult. With the Live Copy feature, you can quickly create live copies of your master site and better manage multiple sites. This allows you to provide updates and roll out content across the globe without diminishing your content team’s performance.

Automatic Translations

Your global marketing efforts won’t only be for English-speaking countries. If you want to personalize the experience for your worldwide audience, you must translate content to multiple languages. Magnolia provides out-of-the-box integrations with several of the industry’s leading translation services, including Deepl, Across, Google Translate, and more.

Responsive Assets

Consumers nowadays shop on multiple devices, and your content needs to be consistent across every platform. Magnolia’s Image Focal Points extension ensures that your visitors will receive the best high-quality images regardless of the device or screen resolution they have.

Search and Personalization

Your site visitors will want personalized content tailored to their previous experiences every time they return. By leveraging Magnolia’s integrations, you can use personalization to enhance the buyer’s journey, provide product recommendations and improve the search experience.

Learn more about ecommerce personalization.

A Quick Recap & Demo

With its best-in-class Headless CMS, Connector Packs, and Headless Accelerator, Magnolia is the #1 content platform for ecommerce, helping you create harmonious multi-channel shopping experiences from product description to check-out—from one unified platform.

Watch this 10-minutes demo from my colleague Jan Schulte, one of our ecommerce experts at Magnolia, to see it brought to life:

Demo Magnolia for headless ecommerce
Demo: Magnolia for Headless Ecommerce

If you’d like to discover more reasons why Magnolia is the number one choice for ecommerce companies that want to create better customer experiences, further read our whitepaper: Choosing a CMS for the Future of Ecommerce.

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