Content insights to drive performance

Understand and improve the performance of your content - in one workflow.

Web analytics

Complete insights for web performance

Understand and improve the performance of your content, products and websites.

Magnolia integrates with Google Analytics and enables you to view and analyze data directly within the CMS. You can flexibly display the metrics you are interested in, and get detailed insights about traffic, engagement and conversions, across your entire website or specific pages.  

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SEO recommendations

All in one SEO pack

Work with all aspects of SEO in one place, and get recommendations to improve content, technical platform, user and mobile experience.

With a dynamic widget integrated into the Magnolia user interface, content editors have real-time access to visual data from Siteimprove’s Intelligence Platform, right at the point of the content and customer experience creation. This streamlines the workflow in an environment where brands increasingly have to consider multiple channels, devices and formats.

Siteimprove plugin for Magnolia

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Magnolia enables us to optimize and boost certain products easily, which helps drive revenue.

Engagement analytics

A/B testing

With Magnolia, you can make adjustments on the fly and optimize how your customers engage with your content.

Easily build A/B or multivariate experiments directly within Magnolia and get a straightforward way to iterate with combinations of messages, layouts and calls-to-action. Define your goals - such as time spent on page, number of clicks or any other conversion goal - and Magnolia will automatically pick and serve the variants with the best conversion results.

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Campaign performance

Campaign tracking and optimization

When you run targeted campaigns with the goal to achieve specific marketing results, you need to be able to track performance and fine-tune, even as the campaign is running.

You can set up campaign tracking codes in Magnolia, monitor traffic and conversion through analytics integration, and increase engagement and conversion rates through A/B or multivariate testing.

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