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  • Aug 3, 2023
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What does composable experience mean for your digital transformation?

What does composable experience mean for your digital transformation?

In this age of intensified customer expectations and ever-evolving digital terrains, customer engagement, business models, and retention plans now require more than the one-size-fits-all approach.

A 2019 study reveals that 84% deem the digital customer experience a company provides just as essential as the company's products or services. As such, it is inevitable that organizations face the daunting task of delivering exceptional experiences that captivate and engage customers and forge meaningful connections with the brand.

Organizations must embrace a new paradigm that empowers them to design, measure, track, and evaluate personalized, adaptable, and genuinely unforgettable digital experiences to thrive in this dynamic landscape. This paradigm is called composable experience.

A composable approach to digital experiences is important because it enables a fully integrated customer experience, which in turn maximizes the benefits for both the customer and the business. A 2020 McKinsey & Company report demonstrates that an excellent customer experience yields 20% higher customer satisfaction.

In this guide, we will embark on a transformative journey that explores how composability can improve your customer experiences. We will also examine the immense power and potential of composable experience regarding how it empowers organizations to provide flexible and tailored user experiences.

A composable DXP is the right choice for modern businesses

Composable digital experience is the approach of building and delivering digital experiences and content across channels by assembling modular components for organizations to adapt, personalize, and scale digital experiences quickly.

Composable businesses thrive in the digital age, a benefit that has been enabled by digital experience platforms (DXP) over legacy content management systems (CMS). By adopting a composable approach and rolling out a composable architecture, businesses gain a competitive edge, enabling faster time-to-market launch and customization. Composable DXPs offer comprehensive customer experience management, modular architectures, and seamless integration.

Composable DXPs empower marketing teams to keep their businesses at the forefront of their market, pioneer new practices and innovations, and deliver personalized and scalable digital experiences that drive success. Leading Swiss insurer Baloise has implemented Magnolia for exactly this reason, stating: "With Magnolia, we have an efficient platform that allows us to quickly and easily integrate services and applications, connect our marketing tools, and achieve our marketing and sales goals." - Michael Besel, Head of Digital at Baloise Switzerland

Read the full Baloise case study here.

Embracing composable architectures enables organizations to position themselves as industry leaders, ready to navigate the complexities of the digital age and shape the future of their markets.

It's not only about keeping up with the competition; it's about setting the pace and staying ahead. Doing it composably is the way forward.

What does composability mean?

Composability is the approach to combining modular components and resources to create customized solutions. In the context of digital experiences, it involves integrating content, data, and capabilities from different sources to build personalized experiences.

Composability plays a pivotal role in crafting meaningful and personalized customer journeys. It involves integrating content and data from disparate systems, akin to building blocks like digital assets, customer profiles, and recommendations. In the face of ever-changing market conditions, agile and adaptable business capabilities are essential to keep pace, and a composable platform serves as the bedrock for this agility.

As a proponent of composability, Magnolia offers a composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) tailored to meet the real-world needs of business teams and organizations. The Magnolia DXP speeds up digital delivery and facilitates fully integrated customer experiences by consolidating a brand's unique tech stack into a single platform. This is the essence of a one-DXP digital strategy.

By leveraging Magnolia's composable DXP, organizations enhance their ability to deliver personalized customer journeys at scale. The platform's modular nature allows businesses to select and combine relevant components, resulting in customized experiences that resonate with their target audience. Whether managing content, utilizing customer insights, or delivering personalized recommendations, the composable architecture of the Magnolia DXP equips businesses with the tools to create exceptional digital experiences.

Magnolia Digital Experience Platform

Learn more about Magnolia: one central platform that speeds up your digital delivery and helps you create fully integrated customer experiences, by unifying your brand’s unique tech stack—from legacy systems to the latest martech.

Connecting with the customer

Enhancing capabilities is an inherent advantage of deploying a composable platform. However, the ultimate objective remains to create a customer-centric experience that resonates deeply. Supportive of the customer-centric approach is a study that shows that 66% of customers expect service providers to understand their needs and expectations.

Customers actively seek brands that mirror their identity, values, and aspirations. They consciously engage with experiences that give them a sense of familiarity and comfort. These genuine and personalized encounters form the foundation of enduring customer relationships, underscoring the significance of a personalized customer journey as the central tenet of every brand's digital strategy.

Leveraging its unparalleled ability to integrate content and data from third-party systems seamlessly, the Magnolia DXP empowers enterprises to deliver immersive, personalized, and convenient digital experiences that captivate, retain, and compel customer engagement. In our case study with Bauhaus, we took a look at how Magnolia connects with Bauhaus’ PIM and shop system, building a content commerce platform for rich, content-driven shopping experiences.

Magnolia enables effortless integration with new technologies, services, and data sources. It ensures businesses can readily incorporate emerging trends, meet market demands, and provide customers with innovative experiences that cater to their evolving expectations.

Is a composable digital experience platform right for me?

Adopting a composable digital experience platform (DXP) is the right choice if your brand maintains a digital presence. However, it might not be the right choice for your local yoga studio. It's for enterprises who want to integrate content, data, and services from other systems into a single platform.

In today's digital ecosystem, where customer interactions occur predominantly through digital channels, it is imperative to have a platform that offers the flexibility and agility to deliver digital experiences without trade-offs.

Investing in a composable DXP allows your business to offer fully integrated experiences and meet customer expectations by creating unique and compelling customer journeys.

Digital business leaders are moving away from monolithic architectures that struggle to keep pace with modern digital business demands and towards composability. "I see a lot of opportunities in our solution architecture. We're quick to add new services, which reduces the time to market,” says Thomas Eglin, Digital Business & Marketing at Primeo Energie AG of the current digital implementation demands for the business.

Read the full Primeo case study here.

A composable DXP aligns perfectly with the future of business, which lies in being fast and adaptable while simultaneously providing personal and meaningful experiences to customers.

By adopting a composable DXP, you future-proof your digital strategy, as this platform allows you to integrate seamlessly with external systems, leverage emerging technologies, and adapt to changing market trends.

To learn more about the power of composable experiences and how they can transform your customer interactions, download our comprehensive whitepaper: "DXP 101: From Disjointed to Seamless Customer Experiences." Gain practical insights and strategies to enhance your digital experiences.


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