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  • Jan 9, 2020
  • 5 MIN
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What are the features a CMS needs in 2020?

What are the features a CMS needs in 2020?

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Magnolia State of CMS industry report for 2020.

Calling on data from over 200 marketing and IT professionals, this cross-sector study dives into the plans, processes and priorities of the content management industry in the year ahead.

At the heart of this study is a review of key features that a modern, flexible CMS needs in 2020. With growing customer expectations, changing environments and new security concerns, it’s vital that today’s marketers select a CMS that not only meets their evolving needs, but also future proofs their brand for potential changes to come.

So just what exactly are the top priorities for marketers selecting a CMS in 2020? Here are the top give identified through our research:

Top priorities for marketing professionals

  1. Speed of content creation (41%)

  2. Easy customisation (41%)

  3. Ease of use (38%)

  4. Flexibility (30%)

  5. Integration with systems (28%)

At a time when the definition of success is increasingly speed based - launch faster, innovate faster, improve faster - it’s no wonder that marketers are prioritising speed of content creation in the year ahead. If you don’t find a way to deliver in real time, customers will turn to someone else who can.

That’s why, in 2020, marketers are looking to invest in a solution that enables rapid content delivery and easy customisation. By adopting a CMS that places high priority on speed and usability, marketers can ensure the best possible digital experience for customers. At the same time, this experience shouldn’t come at the expense of security and other IT-related concerns. A good CMS must provide both speed and security in order to deliver real business value.

And it’s not just the speed of content creation that should be front of mind. Speed of deployment is also vital for an effective CMS. With Magnolia, a complete installation — and user customisation — can be achieved in 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Don’t believe us? Check out our Built for Speed test video below:

Magnolia – Built for Speed

The State of CMS: 2020 and Beyond

Download the report guide to content management systems (CMS) for marketers and IT teams.

About the Author

Priya Patel Marketing Director UK&I & Nordics at Magnolia

With 15 years of experience implementing integrated marketing programmes across Europe, Priya heads up marketing at Magnolia UK. Combining marketing and sales strategies, Priya focuses on driving business growth with the use of the right marketing mix to generating leads.

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