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  • Nov 4, 2021
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SEO Optimization with Magnolia’s Siteimprove Integration

SEO Optimization with Magnolia’s Siteimprove Integration

There are countless SEO tools in the market. However, most of them have a significant disadvantage: they are siloed solutions that make efficient and effective SEO optimization difficult. An SEO tool that makes SEO optimization for employees easy is one that can be directly integrated into a CMS or DXP.

The topic of SEO optimization has spawned countless tools. Most companies use several of these tools to improve existing content or to create new content. They don’t, however, consider search engine optimization enough. This is because SEO is done in silos: content authors write content with their own tools; SEO teams revise content using others. And software that can be integrated with a CMS is rare. Furthermore, many SEO optimization tools are very complex, preventing good search engine optimization despite its importance for companies and their marketing success.

SEO is the be-all and end-all for great websites

The importance of SEO and SEO optimization for websites becomes clear when you take a detailed look at the search behavior of your users. Basically, the following applies: The digital user experience is the be-all and end-all for a great website. This includes the content at the heart of the user experience. If you think this way, you will quickly come to the aspect of search engine optimization. The crux of the matter is organic traffic which is generated when users enter keywords in search engines like Google.

Google's most important task is to help users find what they are looking for - and to do so as quickly as possible. Google interprets every interaction that a user has with your website after a search. Did the user find what they were looking for? Did they return to the search results? And if so, how quickly? If users find what they were looking for, Google knows that its search engine sent them to the right website.

On the one hand, it is important to offer your users relevant information for their search. On the other hand, you should optimize your website and its pages for organic search. For example, the website should be found for the right keywords.

Google regularly updates its algorithms for evaluating websites that affect your website's search ranking. That's why you should always ensure that your SEO optimization follows the current standards - being "on top of things" is key.

The challenge with SEO tools

The relevance of search engine optimization cannot be denied. However, SEO optimization is not easy. SEO tools can be very complex to use and are often only aimed at specialists. In most cases, they are not suitable for integration with the systems and tools you use. This means that your teams have to work in silos. Workflows, processes, and data reconciliations are interrupted as a consequence.

The right combination of SEO tool and content management system (CMS) not only makes life easier for your marketing staff but also helps you improve your SEO ranking.

SEO optimization and content creation in one tool

Your goal is, of course, to be at the top of search results. By breaking down silos, you can get a lot closer to achieving this. Tools like Siteimprove which can integrate with the CMS help you identify SEO-specific problems on your website. They show you exactly where your need to optimize down to your HTML. Only a few SEO providers provide such functionality.

Creating Better Experiences through A/B/n Testing

Optimize your content’s performance and convert more visitors through Magnolia’s native A/B/n Testing.

Advantages of an integrated SEO tool like Siteimprove

Working with a single tool for the creation of your content and its optimization makes the work of your digital marketing team much easier. Marketers no longer have to jump between different systems and compare data. The most important advantages of an integrated SEO tool for your company are:

  • The centralization of data: Everything is in one place, information no longer needs to be translated and merged from other applications.

  • The access to QA and accessibility functions: Organic optimization becomes more effective as a result. This has a positive effect on your website’s Google ranking. With its page experience update, Google recently emphasized the importance of a good, error-free, and accessible website.

  • Recommendations within Siteimprove: They enable your marketing team to make better decisions regarding SEO and have a positive impact on your business.

  • Project-specific tracking: Activity plans allow you to strategically optimize certain clusters on the website for SEO, for example, website areas for just one region or business area.

  • Integration of a strong tool into Magnolia

Integration of Siteimprove and Magnolia

Siteimprove integrates with the Magnolia user interface as a widget. The plug-in is immediately available to you, without much additional effort.

If you, as a Magnolia user, check your website for SEO, the Siteimprove widget automatically shows you the rating of your website as well as potential problems and recommendations for on-page optimization. Depending on your Siteimprove subscription, you can how to optimize for accessibility, QA, and SEO.

Content authors in your marketing team no longer need to leave the editorial environment and jump between systems. They receive immediate feedback and can adjust the quality of your content when it is needed. This keeps your content relevant and free of errors, optimizing the effectiveness of your marketing team and simplifying the content creation process.

Siteimprove features for SEO optimization

Siteimprove provides content authors with various features that go beyond simple search engine optimization. The most important features are:

  • Checking for spelling and broken links

  • Checking for readability

  • Identifying digital accessibility problems

  • Determining high-priority guidelines

  • Optimizing SEO from a technical, content, UX, and mobile perspective

  • Prioritizing SEO optimization in relation to page visits and page views

  • Rating of feedback and comments

  • Unpublishing check

The unpublishing check is an especially important feature. With Siteimprove’s integration, content authors can check if the un-publication of a page would have a negative impact on your website and its ranking, for example, because users would lose access to important documents and links.


It is worth paying attention to SEO optimization right from the inception of your website or shop. It makes sense to optimize for SEO when creating your first content. With the integration of Siteimprove for Magnolia, you can not only improve your ranking in the Google search results, but you can also ensure that your team works smoothly.

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