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  • Jun 15, 2023
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Magnolia Campaign Manager: Omnichannel campaigns made easy

Magnolia Campaign Manager: Omnichannel campaigns made easy

Remember that iconic scene in “The Matrix” where Neo realizes he can dodge bullets? Imagine that same sense of awe and empowerment as you face the challenge of managing the entire customer experience of a targeted campaign in one place without needing to learn any code. For marketing teams, that level of empowerment can become a reality with Magnolia’s Campaign Manager.

Thanks to comprehensive editing options, creating campaigns featuring unique layouts and rich banners is possible. Additionally, you can schedule your campaigns to go live at optimal times, fueling customer demand and engagement. Launch rich campaigns with WYSIWYG editing, and use AI to generate assets on the fly.

Campaign Manager benefits and features

Magnolia’s Campaign Manager enables marketing teams to create, manage and schedule campaigns and rich banners in one place with comprehensive editing options.

Visual editor: Construct campaigns with a real-time editor

Leverage the WYSIWYG editor to develop impressive campaigns that captivate your audience. Whether a straightforward banner or an intricate layout featuring product assets, teasers, or coupons, you can mix and match creative elements to craft your campaigns. Enjoy complete artistic control without depending on front-end developers to achieve visually stunning layouts.

Customer targeting: Pinpoint the perfect customer at the ideal moment

Tailor campaigns based on customer profiles, audience segments, or seasonal trends. Precision targeting is crucial for reaching your desired market. This allows you to concentrate your marketing efforts on the most appealing customers, using the visitor traits captured by Magnolia. With the Campaign Manager, you can create, schedule, and maintain multiple campaigns that resonate with your audiences.

Touchpoint Integration: Blend campaigns with pages

Save time and effort by creating campaigns once and using them throughout your site. You can even specify a default campaign to ensure a lasting impression when no active campaigns exist. Effortlessly deploy campaigns across various touchpoints, reaching relevant customers with just a click.

Previews: Step into your audience’s shoes

Examine your campaigns for specific segments, channels, or timeframes. Experience the customer journey first-hand, establish an emotional connection with your audience, and evaluate if the campaign components will effectively achieve your marketing objectives. Viewing campaigns in the context of other content grants you complete control over the customer experience and guarantees the optimal digital experience for each market segment.

Efficient marketing: Orchestrate distinctive customer experiences

Leverage Magnolia’s Campaign Manager to forge strong connections with your audience. Deliver unique customer experiences through personalized and time-based content without duplicating efforts. Campaign Manager enables marketers to create targeted content independently of developers. Plus, manage all campaigns in one location, minimizing extra work and maximizing efficiency.

Magnolia Campaign Manager: Product Brief

Manage the entire customer experience of a campaign in one place, without touching any code.

Building omnichannel campaigns with Magnolia

Magnolia’s capabilities are perfect for building omnichannel campaigns across multiple touchpoints. Take a standard ecommerce website that includes teasers, banners, and carousels. With the Campaign Manager, you can launch campaigns used on multiple websites and create variations for different use cases. With the help of DALL-E, it’s possible to generate royalty-free images from text descriptions that can be used in campaigns.

Got a new campaign being prepared for Christmas and New Year’s? Use text descriptions to ceate image variations that better fit that campaign, allowing them to be published anywhere, from landing pages and category pages on an ecommerce website to a mobile app or digital sign.


The Magnolia Campaign Manager provides all of the tools that marketers need to manage dynamic campaigns, such as on an ecommerce site. If you want to use campaigns on multiple websites you can set up different slots where those campaigns will be delivered. In Magnolia, this dynamic slot is centrally configured where any pages that are not manifested Magnolia will be automatically filled with matching campaigns.


You can also switch to preview mode to see how a page will look to a visitor, including going back in time to see how a page you’re working on at Christmas looked during August


With the Campaign Manager, you can create an entirely new campaign for after Christmas.


Also, since multiple campaigns might be running at the same time, you can specify the priority level for a specific campaign. That way, if there is a scheduling conflict with campaigns, the one with the highest priority will be delivered to the visitor.


The Magnolia Campaign Manager also allows you to create teasers and banners with the help of AI. Simply provide a description of the type of image you would like to create and let AI do the rest.


Other images on the page can also be enhanced. For example, if you’re running a Christmas campaign you can create a variation using AI, all within a few seconds.

See more of Magnolia’s Campaign Manager in action in our episode of DXplained.

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