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  • Jun 26, 2020
  • 7 MIN
  • Tim Schwarz Head of Partner Management & Technology Alliances at Magnolia
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Magnolia Marketplace
Introducing Magnolia Marketplace

Introducing Magnolia Marketplace

Content management has never been more critical than it is today. New digital channels are emerging faster than businesses can keep track, and it’s not enough to simply have a presence on these channels as customers are demanding relevant experiences on each of them.

A modern CMS can help you store and manage this content, but just handling content management is no longer sufficient. A modern CMS must now transition to becoming a complete digital experience platform.

To help customers extend and expand their platform’s core capabilities, we are introducing the Magnolia Marketplace.


Doubling Down on Our Core Beliefs

Our philosophy at Magnolia is that a best-of-breed system is an ideal way to build a modern tech stack. This world is continuously evolving, and there is no one size fits all solution to your content and experience management needs.

Working with all-in-one solutions was once the preferred method for most organizations. One vendor could easily be found to meet all of our defined requirements. Systems could be tailored to one specific purpose and maintenance was easier to handle since updates, including security patches and upgrades could be rolled out across the board without affecting everything else.

The problem with this approach is that integrating with other products outside of the main scope of the system becomes challenging. Integrations if possible at all would be very complex or limited, and teams could forget about quickly sharing data internally.

Businesses need the flexibility to choose which systems integrate best with their processes. You need the freedom to choose the best CRM, analytics or eCommerce solution to meet your needs, without being hindered by your software vendors’ compatibilities.

With Magnolia Marketplace we provide your one-stop-shop for a fully tailored DX stack.


Extend and Expand

A hybrid headless CMS solution gives you the perfect base for managing content in an omnichannel world. Magnolia provides a modern API-first architecture that makes it easy for your developers to connect to whatever frontend channel you require.

A CMS solution today needs to be able to scale and grow as your company grows. During this growth period, you may find it necessary to add new features that fall outside of the scope of your CMSs abilities, but that remain pivotal to your business’ future.

An integrated user experience provides your marketing team with the necessary templates and visual editing capabilities to build digital experiences that your customers will love. But sometimes you need more to deliver exactly what your customers desire and to provide your internal teams with improved workflows and the tools for success.

The Magnolia Marketplace gives you the flexibility to accelerate your product integrations with third-party systems, extending and expanding Magnolia CMS’s core capabilities.


How the Magnolia Marketplace Works

Magnolia offers four extension types across several categories:

  • Connector Packs

By using out-of-the-box connectors, it’s possible to extend Magnolia into adjacent software categories such as Analytics, eCommerce, and Marketing Automation. These connector packs are built by Magnolia and provide the same high-quality experience and support as our DX Core.

  • Special Features

Sometimes there are individual use cases that Magnolia’s core functionality doesn’t address. With Special Features, these use cases can finally be handled appropriately.

  • Incubator

Every extension built by Magnolia isn’t ready for full production but can still be used to expand your capabilities. Incubator extensions are built by our Professional Services teams and available for public use along with various levels of documentation and test coverage.

  • 3rd Party

Magnolia also integrates with third-party extensions built and sold by our partners. These extensions follow Magnolia best practices and development patterns. Their quality is guaranteed by our partner’s extensive experience in designing and implementing Magnolia solutions.


Each extension type is divided into categories. These categories help to organize extensions and make it easy to find an extension for your specific need or use case. Some examples of categories include Search, Digital Asset Management, and Optimization & Personalization.


Incubators provide access to amazing features that are already offered by Magnolia but not yet ready for full production. You can leverage incubator extensions such as:

  • Content Recommender: Provide relevant content to your users based on where they are in their journey, and in real-time.

  • URL Translation: Better manage multilingual website experiences and translate content to boost personalization for international audiences.

Connector Packs

Magnolia’s connector packs provide easy blueprints for easy integration with out-of-the-box connectors. Seamlessly connect with established products your team already uses including Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Marketo and Adobe Analytics. We will follow up with a more detailed article on our connectors approach and integration framework.


Developer Partnerships

Companies looking for additional solutions to customize their own Magnolia experience need not look any further than the Magnolia Marketplace. Not only can customers find the perfect integrations from third-party vendors, but partners can also join the Marketplace program and contribute their own extensions.

All extensions in the Magnolia Marketplace follow the Application Development Guidelines from Magnolia; this ensures quality and reliability across the board for companies using these extensions.

Publish your extension

Are you interested in contributing to the Marketplace? Simply submit an inquiry, and we’ll reach out to you to discuss publishing your extension.

Marketplace extension developers can demonstrate their unique skills resulting in added benefits and more opportunities to generate more leads, more in-depth knowledge of Magnolia, an increase in direct project inquiries, the chance to become a recommended partner in your field and the ability to generate additional revenue.


Get the most out of a Best-Of-Breed Experience Platform

Magnolia CMS provides a flexible headless CMS platform that can help you meet all of your digital experience needs. Manage and deliver high quality to your audience without forgetting the workflows and tools required by your internal teams.

With the launch of Magnolia Marketplace, businesses can rely on our best-of-breed philosophy to compose the complete platform that works the best for their brand.

Place Magnolia CMS at the core of your marketing technology stack and then leverage connector packs, incubator features and third-party integrations to boost your capabilities in content management, analytics, commerce, marketing automation and more.

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