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  • Oct 14, 2021
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Spartacus Magnolia Integration - more flexibility in SAP Commerce content management

Spartacus Magnolia Integration - more flexibility in SAP Commerce content management

With the integration of Magnolia, the shop frontend Spartacus for SAP Commerce gets more possibilities to manage content individually. In the future, this content can be delivered from Magnolia as well as from SAP Commerce via Spartacus.

For companies, the delivery of content on different channels is complex. Headless commerce solutions and powerful CMSs are therefore indispensable for a consistently positive customer experience. With the Spartacus Magnolia integration, companies now have the option of connecting content from their Magnolia CMS and the SAP Commerce solution. This expands the options previously offered by SAP Commerce's integrated Web Content Management, SmartEdit. The integration of Magnolia CMS enables marketers to manage the full content range of the online shop, to better prepare content and to manage content more flexibly. And thus enable an even better customer experience.

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Magnolia integration simplifies workflows

In addition, the Magnolia Spartacus integration simplifies the work of employees. Instead of having to work separately across multiple systems, employees can now access content within the Magnolia CMS via SmartEdit. This eliminates the need for separate logins. Content from the Magnolia CMS is merged with content from SAP Commerce and displayed directly in the Spartacus shop frontend. To do this, content is provided by the Magnolia CMS via the Delivery Endpoint API - whether text paragraphs, images or forms. In the configuration of the Magnolia component, the user selects the content he wants to display in the online shop from a provided list. He can then place this content in any predefined slot on the SmartEdit website.


The link between Magnolia CMS and SAP Commerce is not least an important part of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), which is based on the seamless connection of different marketing technologies.

Create Better Ecommerce Experiences

Magnolia for Ecommerce helps you create harmonious multi-channel shopping experiences from product description to check-out.

Spartacus: Headless Shop Frontend from SAP Commerce

Spartacus is the open source shop frontend for SAP Commerce. The Angular-based application communicates with the SAP Commerce Cloud exclusively through the Commerce REST API. Based on easily extendable libraries, the single page application provides various features of a Progressive Web App (PWA), which are being expanded by the SAP developers. Spartacus currently offers the following features in the shop frontend:

  • Display of the shop start page

  • Embedding of a search function

  • Representation of different categories

  • Integration of available product details from SAP Commerce

  • Display of the shopping cart page

  • Function "add to shopping cart

  • Handling of the checkout

  • Display of the order history of a customer

SAP Commerce - Data Management for Ecommerce

The SAP Commerce solution organizes all relevant ecommerce data, for example, product information and customer data. The solution not only takes over the central storage, but also the distribution of the data on different communication channels - consistently and efficiently. Companies thus operate a central database from which to offer products via various sales channels.

Web Content Management SmartEdit for SAP Commerce

Within SAP Commerce, SmartEdit is an already comprehensive Web content management solution. SmartEdit enables companies to deliver content that is relevant and personalized to customers, strengthening the customer experience. The integration of Magnolia CMS adds the flexibility of Magnolia's content management system to the existing capabilities. The Magnolia content continues to be placed and modified in SmartEdit for the shop frontend.


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