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  • Sep 8, 2023
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Starting off on the right foot. Onboarding of new joiners at Magnolia

Starting off on the right foot. Onboarding of new joiners at Magnolia

Embarking on a new career adventure is always full of excitement, novelty, and curiosity. The first days get ingrained in the mind and set the tone for a smooth and positive start. In the dynamic and competitive landscape of today's business world, organizations are continuously striving to not only attract top talent but also to retain and nurture their employees for long-term success. Here at Magnolia, we believe that retention starts with an unforgettable onboarding experience (if not already sooner).

We are proud to have new joiners spread across the globe, and we are doing our best to bridge the gap created by our remote and hybrid working realities, a blessing, but also a challenge at the same time.

For us, in-person meetings are at the core of real connections. Therefore, we strive not to lose sight of the spark that is born when people meet and greet outside of virtual meeting rooms.

Onboarding isn't just about getting new employees acquainted with their desks and coworkers. It's about creating a strong foundation for their journey within the company. Our well-structured onboarding program helps employees understand the company's values, culture, and goals, ensuring that we all are on the same boat from the very beginning.

Virtual and in-person onboarding

And how do we achieve this? Onboarding at Magnolia happens both virtually and in person. Depending on the new joiners' location, the first days can take place online or at one of our offices, if that is within one’s proximity. With that, we emphasize in-person meetings at the beginning to be able to give autonomy when relationships are well established.

A smooth onboarding process accelerates the time it takes for new colleagues to get to know Magnolia from the inside out. Comprehensive training and orientation sessions ensure that our employees are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools allowing them to start making meaningful contributions sooner.

Recruitment process @Magnolia

The ins and outs of Magnolia’s recruitment process offer an overview of what you can expect after submitting your application to any of the openings we list.

Magnolia’s Onboarding Days - Visiting the HQ

Onboarding Days are events organized several times a year, where employees who recently joined Magnolia, travel to our headquarter in Basel, Switzerland, to get a “real feel” of how it is to be part of the big Magnolia family.

Days of fun, memories, and stories are born, next to the insightful sessions of knowledge sharing. Having a taste of raclette (there’s vegan raclette, too!) and getting to know one’s colleagues while sipping lemonade or beer on the rooftop is our way of making new joiners feel part of Magnolia from day one.

It was great to meet so many different, quirky, and still somehow like-minded people. I learned a lot and am happy to already know friendly faces from other parts of my team.


Site Reliability Engineer, Magnolia

It is really inspiring to see such a diverse group from all over Europe and beyond come together, work together so well, and have a blast. This truly speaks to one of the strengths of Magnolia.

Pierre-Yves Lendenmann

Product Manager, Magnolia

We believe that building a foundation of trust starts with small steps and is created in time through mindful and kind interactions on a daily basis. This is our way of securing a sense of belonging, job satisfaction, and thriving for both old and new employees.

Curious to learn more about us, our mission, and exciting career opportunities at Magnolia? Explore our careers page for job listings, FAQs, and much more.

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