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  • May 31, 2023
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Recruitment process @Magnolia

Recruitment process @Magnolia

We are constantly looking for crafted talents and tech enthusiasts to come and join us on the journey of creating the world’s coolest DXP. But how does one become a Magnolian? What happens after you submit your CV?

Let us take a look behind the scenes of our recruitment process.

Your experience is key to us

First and foremost, we look at our recruitment process as a “matchmaking event”, where both sides introduce themselves and share expectations, needs, and desires.

We strive to create a pleasant environment where meaningful conversations can take place.

Similarly, we respect your time and effort invested in us and care about offering you a timely response to your application. If your skills and experience meet our requirements, you can count on being invited for an interview within an average of one to two weeks of your submission.

We are curious to find out who you are

Our recruitment has two main pillars: on the one hand, we focus on understanding what you can do, on the other hand, we are truly curious about who you are.

None of these two can exist without the other and we pay close attention to both aspects equally.

We wish to grow our community with people who are ready to be themselves and show their ideas. We, on the other end, foster an environment where one feels free and supported in taking charge and getting their hands dirty. Lastly, we offer a vessel where connections are made quickly with like-minded people and individuals who are not afraid to question themselves or others.

Let us explore what we can build together

After our first encounter, where we align expectations and “check vibes", we would like to understand more about your skills relevant to the position of your interest. Therefore, we prepare a take-home assignment and/or ask you to participate in a technical conversation with some of your future colleagues and supervisor.

Are you applying for a leadership position? We have a dedicated session to learn more about your leadership approach and mindset and find out if our leadership values align with yours. As a very final step, we would introduce you to a handful of your future colleagues, cross-functional collaborators, and other members of your peer group.

We believe that the best decisions are made together, so everyone’s opinion is taken into account when we select a novel Magnolian.

As simple as that. Come and meet us. We are excited to craft our next Magnolia chapter together with you.

Recruitment process FAQs

Check out our current openings

We have several open positions within our departments.

About the Author

Melinda Visan Talent Acquisition Manager at Magnolia

As a Talent Acquisition Manager at Magnolia Melinda scouts promising talents and shapes Magnolia’s diverse culture and brand for current and future colleagues.

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