The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our world even more than mobiles did, and over 80% of global firms say IoT solutions will be the most strategic technology initiative in a decade. Magnolia enables you to integrate IoT data and devices to deliver outstanding customer experiences.


Engage your customers with beacons and Magnolia

Beacons are a great way to provide customers with personalized, localized content. Connecting beacons to Magnolia is really easy, thanks to Magnolia's built-in beacon support, which allows companies to create personalized customer experiences.

Only a fully integrated solution like Magnolia can give you manageable control, access to actionable insights and the right tools to engage your customers


IoT integrations with Magnolia

Content management solutions in the IoT age have to do a lot more than just manage web content. They need to connect all sources of content and context, from wearables to mobile apps and screens, into a relevant and engaging customer experience. 

Magnolia’s REST API allows users to consume content on all kind of devices. It’s also easy to exchange data between third party systems and Magnolia. This enables editors to enrich external data in Magnolia’s content apps and serve it for outstanding customer experiences.

Magnolia’s excellence in integrations makes it a great partner for developing your IoT strategy. It integrates easily and seamlessly with a wide range of third party tools from marketing and online sales to POS, CRM and ERP.

Managing beacons with Magnolia

With Magnolia’s beacon management app, you can choose the content you want to drive to consumers. You can also collect further data to help you provide more relevant experiences.

Magnolia’s beacon management can help you build customer engagement and loyalty by using data to create richer more contextual offers and personalized campaigns.


We’ve used Magnolia to develop a beacon app management technology for consumers who are interested in navigation and location-based apps, from museums to train stations and airports.

Magnolia makes the IoT easy for you

Magnolia makes it easy to accomplish your mobile IoT projects because we’ve done all the hard work for you. We provide a blueprint project with all the Magnolia apps you need to manage your beacon project, as well as a Cordova/IONIC mobile sample app.

You can manage your entire beacon campaign from a single user interface where you can configure beacons, control rules and actions, and control your whole campaign. In addition, you can control every single aspect of your app via REST APIs.


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