Magnolia CORE

Deliver engaging digital experiences
for all your brands, markets and
channels with one powerful CMS

The power and agility to solve your unique challenges

Magnolia CORE is a content management system for large enterprises. It’s built for multi-channel, multi-language and multi-site digital experience scenarios that include heavy integration requirements.

It offers the:

  • agility and high productivity of modern web development
  • power and reliability of an enterprise-grade solution
  • ease-of-use of a smartphone app

Integration-friendly, future-ready

CORE is built for heavy integration requirements. It uses open standards, open APIs, an open architecture and pre-built connectors to make integrations easy.


Launch at the speed of the web

Get new campaigns online in just days, thanks to Magnolia's rapid development capabilities and simple yet powerful authoring tools.



As digital technology shrinks the world and blurs market boundaries, CORE helps enterprises thrive with robust multi-channel/language/site features.


Personalize for better results

Entice visitors with special offers, reward customers to build loyalty or combine features to produce engaging campaigns. 


Rock-solid Java platform

Built on a scalable rock-solid Java platform, CORE powers thousands of websites around the world that in turn serve millions of people every day.


Easy and safe authoring

Edit pages, personalize content and more using friendly web-based apps. Backup and versioning features mean that you never have to worry about breaking things. 

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Connect with the solutions that matter

Enterprise digital experiences rely on many supporting solutions, from CRM and ERP systems to bespoke in-house systems and third-party services. CORE can integrate with them all.


  • Standard APIs include REST, WebDAV and Atom/RSS
  • Manage and use external solutions from within CORE via content apps
  • Pre-built integrations for Salesforce, SugarCRM and other popular solutions

Effective and easy content management

Easily manage and publish content with minimal training and without needing IT support.


  • Create and publish content in multiple languages for multiple channels
  • Deliver content targeted for specific demographics using personalization
  • Manage multiple websites safely with features like approval workflows and version management

Better developer productivity and quality

Magnolia CORE provides developers with multiple development environments to work in, each with distinct capabilities and strengths. Developers can:


  • Rapidly deliver new front-end features, templates and more using Magnolia's light development tools
  • Deeply customize every part of the Magnolia CORE platform using Java
  • Use popular development technologies with CORE, including front-end frameworks, Groovy and Spring

Scalable, rock-solid platform

Magnolia CORE’s deployment architecture supports an exceptional range of needs from continuous integration and delivery to high availability across multiple geographic regions.


  • Increase performance and availability by adding more instances of CORE
  • Java-based Magnolia CORE platform is fast, secure and reliable
  • Content authoring happens safely inside your corporate firewall

Magnolia enters the Forrester Wave™

The Forrester Wave™
Web Content Management Systems, Q1 2017

Magnolia’s component design leverages content pools to drive dynamic content, while back-end extensibility builds on open source and offers flexible integration.

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