Create customized websites quickly and simply with Magnolia's web CMS

Magnolia's web content management system enables you to quickly create engaging websites. 

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Magnolia CMS is extremely easy to use, meaning that authors and editors need virtually no training in order to publish content. Magnolia's web CMS is perfect for the mobile age. It lets you easily publish content from your tablet and automatically optimizes your website for different devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone).

The web CMS helps you identify your visitors and create customer groups. Create personalized landing pages, incorporate user-generated content on your website and benefit from the countless other functions of Magnolia CMS.

A content management system for websites on all channels

Publish content easily on tablets and smartphones with the multi-site CMS

Digital content is becoming increasingly mobile, breaking free of the desktop computer display. With Magnolia's web CMS, you can easily optimize all existing content to make it suitable for mobile end devices such as tablet and smartphone. Magnolia CMS automatically applies a mobile layout to perfectly prepare the content. You can then adjust your content easily using Magnolia's multi-site CMS, before publishing it on both desktop and all mobile devices.

With the preview function for mobile sites, you can test your content directly in the CMS before going live. You can also adjust the preview function easily to specific devices and digital content channels. This means that the mobile CMS from Magnolia enables not only the mobile creation of content, but also mobile consumption.

Mobile content management at Airbus Group

Airbus Group uses Magnolia's mobile CMS to publish its content for mobile devices. Airbus' mobile strategy involves publishing global content in a smooth and cost-effective way on a large number of mobile devices. Magnolia's web CMS for mobile made the implementation a breeze.

See keynote on implementing the mobile strategy at Airbus.

Magnolia's web CMS helped Airbus create a modern, prize-winning company website.

A mobile CMS for mobile workers

Mobile technologies have completely revolutionized the way we create and consume content. That's why Magnolia developed a mobile web CMS that allows authors to create and manage content on a tablet just as easily as on a desktop. This means that authors are no longer bound to their desktop workspace, enabling them to create content easily on the go or report live from events.

Authors can access the Magnolia apps via the browser. The CMS has an individual app for each task area, tailored precisely to your needs. These are arranged clearly in Magnolia's web CMS, where authors can navigate just as easily as on their smartphone.

This means that you can easily add and publish content using the CMS. So whether you're at your desk or working on the go, Magnolia's web CMS for mobile makes mobile content management easy.

Personalizing the web content management system

Get a clear view of data

Magnolia's web CMS lets you collect all the important data about your users. This includes the locations of your users, demographic data such as age and gender, user behavior, social media interests and even user data that is stored in your other systems such as CRM and e-commerce platforms. The web CMS supplies the relevant data clearly and centrally.

Create visitor groups and personalize your websites

Save the most important information about your visitors centrally, and use it to create a range of customer groups. This allows you to target your customer groups more precisely, for example with special personalized landing pages and campaigns. The CMS lets you edit and publish personalized pages with just a few clicks, including different landing pages for visitors from different countries. You can also create offer pages specially adjusted for age, gender or previously conducted promotions.

Personalized landing pages targeted at the needs and experiences of your visitors show them exactly what they want to see. Grab the attention of customers and visitors, and increase your sales and conversions!

Make interaction easy on social channels

Easily incorporate social media

Get your fans involved on social channels and use Magnolia CMS to incorporate user-generated content on your website. By incorporating forums, comments and social media feeds, Magnolia's web CMS can help you interact with your customers. Recognition is very important to your fans and followers, which means it is incredibly valuable to you. Magnolia's web CMS makes it easier for your customers to talk with you and about you.


Quick and simple web content management

Make content management simple with the WYSIWYG editor

The "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" editor allows authors and marketing specialists to create and design their own content independently. The WYSIWYG CMS also removes the need to bring in professional web designers or enter code. It lets your editors open existing pages directly and edit them in the browser. A live preview shows how the content will look. Bringing in developers or IT support to look after your web content is now a thing of the past, with content creation staying where it belongs: in the hands of content specialists from start to finish.

A clear view with the media content management system

The digital asset management system (DAM) has a central database for your media data, which allows you to access your clearly arranged media files such as videos, images, Flash files, etc. at any time. With the DAM app, you can find all your media files in one place. The media content management system allows you to arrange your media exactly as you want it. You can even perform simple image editing. The DAM app allows you to easily access the files from your pages, in order to incorporate the media on your website. You can then edit, move or rename the incorporated files without having to worry about broken links and integrations on your website. The media is automatically updated on your page.

Clear workflow with web CMS







An online CMS with messaging

The Magnolia Pulse app keeps you up to date at all times, giving you information about the activities of your colleagues in the CMS editor and users on the website. A ticker-style display shows all the information that is important to you. This means editors can know whether there are any campaigns on the way, which work steps have been completed and whether any urgent tasks need to be done. Automatic transfer of changes, warnings, comments and status updates allows your team to function like clockwork. You can of course customize the notification function so that your team members only receive the messages that are relevant to them. Notification via e-mail is also possible.

Adjust workflow in the CMS

Magnolia's web CMS features a double-check workflow as standard. It is possible however to adjust the workflow in the CMS to meet your requirements and expand it as you see fit. You can also individually adjust notification and authorization settings, allowing you to decide who receives which messages and which actions your team members can perform in the online CMS. Not every team member needs to have access to all Magnolia apps and functions. By individually adjusting the authorization settings, the web CMS stays clear for every team member, as it only displays the elements that are really important.

Simple CMS with successful search

The intelligent search function in Magnolia's web CMS allows you to find information on the website and in the back end much more easily. The search function not only allows you to find already known content by entering the exact title or file name, but also lets you enter meta-data such as keywords, author, time of publication and other information.

This means your customers can find everything that they are looking for. As this search function is also included in the CMS, your editors can benefit from it too, as it allows them to find content and other data quickly.

Al Arabiya News uses Magnolia CMS to publish within 3 minutes

Al Arabiya is one of the largest news channels in the Middle East. Using Magnolia CMS allows them to break stories quickly and easily.

With our last system, it took 10-15 minutes to place each new report online. With Magnolia, it takes less than 3 minutes.

Karim Morgan, CMS Architect and Project ManagerAl Arabiya

Keeping a clear overview with Magnolia CMS

Tracking changes in the CMS editor

To make sure no content gets lost when working with several team members, the CMS automatically creates an amendment log with the various versions of your web content. This allows editors to compare different versions with each other and restore older pages in an emergency. With Magnolia CMS, you can prevent things going wrong on your website.

Planning publications in the CMS editor

The CMS editor lets you plan your web content well in advance and publish precisely when you want to. This means you can plan for the future now and don't have to create online content just in time. In addition, Magnolia's web CMS allows you to plan content removal. This function is particularly useful for short promotions or seasonal content, for example. These publication functions guarantee you maximum planning flexibility.

Tag web content for dynamic websites

If you apply tags to your content components in Magnolia CMS, you can group these easily. By clicking on the tag, for example in a keyword cloud, users can view all content with the same tag on the same page. From news to sales promotions, the categorization function lets you build dynamic and interactive sites easily.

A content management system for developers


Integrate all tools flexibly

Magnolia's lean Web CMS can be connected with a variety of tools and apps that you already know and use. This means that instead of having to get used to new tools, your editors can continue using what works. The app itself stays lean and does not bind you to a large or expensive product suite.

The web CMS becomes the center for all of your tools and enterprise applications that you control centrally. These include analysis, social media, CRM and ERP tools, and many more. Existing data is not lost when switching to Magnolia CMS, and can be compared with other data much more easily. Magnolia's web CMS is extremely flexible and can be adjusted to your needs, allowing you to create cost-effective and fully customized web projects.

Develop your own apps

Magnolia is supplied with a handful of important apps as standard. These combine similar tasks such as editing product information, communication via social media channels or managing media files. With the Magnolia app framework however, you can easily create additional apps tailored precisely to the needs of your users. With a selection of "light modules" that developers can master in less than an hour, you can easily create personalized and intuitive dashboards or other customer-specific apps.

Adjust the look and feel simply with Magnolia templates

Managing the layout of your website is separate from content management, and is controlled using Magnolia CMS templates. This allows you to easily change the look and feel of existing pages without having to worry about reconfiguring your content. The templates are easy to both understand and integrate. You can use your own templating language or the standard FreeMarker templating to easily adjust the front end. This does not require developers to know Java, and makes quick changes and experiments easy by directly loading resources such as CSS. The preview function allows you to easily try out, check and adjust changes to the look and feel of your website.

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