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eCommerce Expo and Festival of Marketing are key events in te UK marketing calendar. Visit Magnolia to learn how we can help you create digital experiences that engage and convert.


eCommerce Expo, September 28-29
Festival of Marketing, October 5-6

Deliver great experiences

As a platform for your digital experiences, Magnolia lets you integrate all the different pieces of your digital infrastructure, giving your team easy-to-use, task-focused apps and providing your customers with a great experience on every digital touchpoint that matters.

With Magnolia, content authors can start creating mobile-ready, powerful content within minutes. Thanks to Magnolia’s focus on usability and simplicity, users need little or even no training.


Powerful content commerce

Promote products and engage customers with rich editorial content and personalization. Magnolia makes it easy to integrate e-commerce platforms, quickly edit product content and scale up when needed.


Advanced personalization

Magnolia's personalization tools allow you to create unique visits that convert. Integrate your CRM and create advanced segments based on real customer data. 


Rapid website development

Magnolia's Light Development™ radically speeds up the time to develop Magnolia sites. Find out how Magnolia can help you develop sites quicker than ever.

Leading UK brands using Magnolia

Learn about the all-new Magnolia Core & Magnolia Now

Magnolia Now™

Magnolia Now takes the key functionalities of Magnolia Core and packs them up into the cloud. Not only does it free DX projects from the IT bottleneck typically found in organizations today, but it also ensures the fastest time to market for digital experience projects.

Magnolia Core™​

Magnolia Core is Magnolia's on premise enterprise CMS offering. Magnolia Core offers all the features, flexibility and ease-of-use you'd ever need from a CMS as well as a powerful set of connectors to the leading digital marketing tools.

Where to meet us

E-commerce Expo / Technology for Marketing

28-29 September
London Olympia
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Festival of Marketing

5-6 October
London, Tobacco Dock
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