How to Build a DX for the Modern Traveller


How to build a DX for the modern traveller

The travel and tourism industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation, with the significance of delivering exceptional customer experiences to stay ahead of the competition.

Travel businesses need to leverage the right tools and deliver a great digital experience (DX) to meet the expectations of today’s travellers.

Challenges navigating you off course?

Rising costs

The cost of doing business in the travel and leisure sector is rising, due to factors such as rising fuel prices, airfares, and hotel rates. Maintain profitability with a DXP that offers flexible pricing options.

Changing consumer behavior

The way that people travel and vacation is changing, with more people opting for staycations or shorter, more frequent trips. This is putting pressure on businesses to adapt their products and services to meet the needs of these changing consumers. Keep up-to-date with Travel industry trends for 2023.

Staff shortages

The travel & tourism sector is facing a severe staff shortage, which is making it difficult to operate at full capacity. This is due to a number of factors, including the pandemic (impacting people returning to work in the sector), Brexit, and the rising cost of living. Read how Thomas Cook achieved the impossible

Lack of standardization

The travel & tourism sector is made up of a wide range of businesses, each with their own systems and data formats. Remove difficulty for sharing data and collaborate in one platform.


The travel & tourism sector has many systems and data formats. This can make it difficult for businesses to share data and collaborate effectively. Businesses need a DXP architecture to make their systems more interoperable in order to improve efficiency and customer service.

Cyber security

The travel & tourism sector is a major target for cyberattacks, as businesses in this sector hold a lot of sensitive data about their customers. This is a major challenge for businesses, as they need to invest in, and understand security features to protect their data.

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Travel & tourism: How to build a digital experience for the modern traveller

Travellers are craving meaningful and seamless end-to-end experiences for before, during and after their trips. That is why travel and tourism brands need to discover how to build cutting-edge digital experiences and how to meet the demands of speed and convenience that safety-conscious travellers so desperately want. 

To improve the overall traveller buying experience, it must be leaner and more personalized.  

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  • Why you need to pivot to digital
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