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Magnolia benefits

Deliver content anywhere

You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get your technologies working in sync. Magnolia’s APIs and integration framework make it easy to connect any technology.

Your content and data can be accessed from within Magnolia, while presentation-independent content can be delivered cleanly to any channel through our configurable APIs.

Integrate faster with low-code

Integrations are often a critical part of onboarding a new content management system, but they can cause bottlenecks because they're so time-consuming to implement.

Magnolia's low-code integrations allow you to:

  • Create integrations without code
  • Define REST Clients via simple YAML configuration files
  • Let content authors access content as if it lived in Magnolia

Enable your marketers to self-serve

Magnolia empowers content authors to unleash their creativity. With unified, visual authoring, marketers can see their work in context, even when dealing with headless projects, Single Page Applications (SPAs), or Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Magnolia seamlessly pulls information from all content and data sources, making it easy for authors to personalize experiences for specific audiences and preview them as members of those segments.


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