Magnolia 开发人员试用版

体验 Magnolia 的企业级 DX Core 试用版提供的所有功能:多站点管理、多内容来源、内容个性化、标记、工作流等等。

立即获取 30 天的免费试用!

现在就开启探索 Magnolia CMS 的旅程:

  1. 申请 30 天的免费试用。
  2. 我们把许可证密钥和所需的资源通过邮件发送给您。
  3. 安装 Magnolia 并开始创建您的项目。

Why Developers Choose Magnolia

Go Headless

Get from zero to hero with Headless & Single-page Apps: everything you need to get started on API-based, content-as-a-service, and Magnolia headless projects.

Ship Faster

Magnolia’s unique Light Development technology lets you achieve the most common CMS tasks with just configuration and front-end code. Start faster and get finished sooner.

Integrate Easier

Magnolia's rich set of integration points, open source codebase and flexible UI make it excellent for integration. Modern public APIs enable fast and easy integration, including microservices. 

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