How Telefonica unlocked the evolution of its Emocion Portal with Magnolia

Spanish telecom operator revamps mobile content portal to provide better, personalized customer experiences.





500k users per month, 80% savings in operating costs

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Telefonica is one of the world's largest telecommunications companies.

Telefonica’s Emocion Portal service is a B2C marketplace aimed at selling online content for mobile devices. The Emocion Portal was launched in 2000 and continues to be a relevant component of Telefonica's services offer.

To provide customers with personalized content and better searching capabilities, Telefonica revamped the portal on top of Magnolia CMS. The impact was outstanding:

  • 500k users per month for the portal
  • 80% decrease in costs
  • 60 million euro in revenue in 2016

The Challenge

Replacing an outdated technology platform

When Telefonica decided a replatforming was needed, the Emocion Portal had been in production for many years. However, the platform that supported it was outdated in terms of both hardware and software which did not allow for evolution.

With replacing the platform, Telefonica had two objectives:

  • To eliminate the technological obsolescence of the solution that was implemented.
  • To achieve economic efficiencies with respect to the previous operating model of the Emocion Portal.

The Solution

Finding a CMS that met the expectations

With the support of VASS, Magnolia partner in Spain, Telefonica selected Magnolia as its CMS for the Emocion Portal. Among other reasons, Telefonica chose Magnolia due to its:

  1. Open source heritage.
  2. Campaign customization and personalization capabilities.
  3. Straightforward content management.
  4. Reduced time to market.
  5. Simple and record-time integration of internal and third-party platforms.
  6. Scalability and performance.



The solution simultaneously uses 12 personalization traits, such as:

  • Type of device
  • Type of connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G)
  • Operating system (Android, iOS etc.)
  • Device brand and model
  • Country
  • Day of the week


Web Analytics

Fast integration with web analytics tools, which facilitate the collection of the main business indicators.



Telefonica's team used to spend 2 weeks to create personalized content and campaigns, and now they create them in 15 minutes. Thanks to Magnolia's agility, development time could be significantly reduced.

The Result

Faster, better and future-proof

Telefonica rolled out the revamped portal on top of Magnolia CMS - including implementation and integration of internal and third party systems - in record time of 6 months, which was much faster than expected.

Speed was brought not just in how the project was implemented, but in marketing operations as well. After implementing Magnolia, Telefonica's teams went from creating content in two weeks, to creating it in 15 minutes.

The new platform is not just faster, but it is also highly stable: after the initial implementation period has passed, the Emocion Portal has not suffered any downfalls or significant incidents.

With Magnolia, Telefonica had 80% savings in support costs for the Emotion Portal, and because its headquarters are in Spain, Telefonica could get local support in case of potential incidents.


+500k users per month

80% savings in costs

€60 mil revenue in 2016

We opted for the Magnolia solution, VASS was the company that integrated this solution and the truth is that it has been a success. We have done everything in record time and in a very simple way.
Esther Gomez Martin

Esther Gomez Martin

Head of New Business Projects, Telefonica

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