menzel.com was founded in 2003 by Christian Menzel, following several years as a freelancer and five years as the co-owner and co-CEO of a Hamburg-based software development company.

Christian has been working on CMS projects since 2000, implementing his first Magnolia website (cura-ag.com) in 2005. 

Since then he has been almost exclusively involved in Magnolia projects, functioning as a developer, architect, consultant and technical project manager and working with every version of Magnolia since 2.0.

We provide assistance to agencies in taking their first steps with Magnolia by setting up a development environment and establishing best practises.

We can also provide support in the integration of backend systems employing Spring and Hibernate through the use of the Blossom Spring Connector module.

menzel.com has a strong network of Magnolia developers, designers and HTML/JavaScript developers and can implement complete projects, assume responsibility for subprojects and provides project managers, consultants and lead developers as required.

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