Magnolia Introduces Marketers to the Future of Content Management with Major Product Update

12月 4, 2018 | 11:55 上午
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Magnolia, one of the world’s leading providers of open-source content management solutions, today announces the launch of Magnolia 6, the latest version of its flagship product. The release includes a suite of new features designed to help busy marketers deliver a better customer experience faster than ever before.

“Today, the battleground for digitally savvy enterprises is the quality of the customer experience. Enterprises that deliver a better customer experience are poised to win in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace,” says Rasmus Skjoldan, chief marketing officer, Magnolia CMS. “This is the inspiration behind Magnolia 6. We’re giving our users a better experience by seamlessly integrating our system with each of the solutions within their martech stack, so that they can fully focus on delivering a higher-quality customer experience. This is what every marketer should expect from their content management system now and in the future.”

The latest release includes the following upgrades: re-designed user interface, intelligent contextual search, automated tagging and faster content modeling functionalities. These features will empower users to combine explicit and implicit personalization to rapidly move from first idea to iteration and, therefore, slash time-to-market for new projects. This is another giant step forward for Magnolia as it advances on its journey to becoming the fastest enterprise CMS on the planet.

According to Skjoldan, “The modern martech stack is a mess. Every solution wants to be the centerpiece of an enterprise's martech ecosystem. This makes it near impossible for digital marketers to establish a seamless workflow across applications.”

Skjoldan adds, “Humble software - solutions that are less arrogant about wanting to exist on their own - are needed now more than ever. Systems like Magnolia 6, which do more than just share data across applications, are resonating best with today’s marketers. Users need more humble solutions that can surface analytics in just the right places in the experience editor, administer the correct dose of search engine optimization suggestions in the content authoring interface and deliver notifications from other applications right into the software they’re actively working. This is where the industry is headed.”

More meaningful integrations will help users complete projects faster to meet the needs of today’s customers sooner. Magnolia 6 is one of the only enterprise solutions on the market helping marketers execute on an idea on Tuesday afternoon that they came up with on Monday morning.

While this latest release is designed to meet the needs of marketing organizations and business units, Magnolia continues it’s heritage as an agile, highly secure platform for custom front-end and Java development, complete with deep integrations and customizations.

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About Magnolia CMS

Magnolia CMS is a platform for building best-of-breed digital experiences. Enterprises such as Avis, Generali, Tesco and the New York Times use Magnolia CMS as a central hub for their web, mobile and DX initiatives.

Magnolia is a privately-held company, founded in 1997, with headquarters in Basel, Switzerland and subsidiaries around the globe.