NCS + Magnolia

NCS + Magnolia

We chose Magnolia CMS due to Magnolia's open-architecture and platform features – allowing NCS to build a best-of-fit digital ecosystem for our own needs.

Desmond Phua

Principal Consultant, XperienceDesign at NCS


Increased customer experience and teams productivity

NCS is a leading technology services firm with presence in Asia Pacific, and partners with governments and enterprises to advance communities through technology. Combining the experience and expertise of its 10,000-strong team across 53 specializations, NCS provides differentiated end-to-end technology services to clients with its NEXT capabilities in digital, cloud and platforms, as well as core offerings in application, infrastructure, engineering and cybersecurity. NCS also believes in building a strong partner ecosystem with leading technology players, research institutions and start-ups to support open innovation and co-creation. For more information, visit

In July 2021, NCS embarked on a major transformation to drive growth. A renewed purpose and brand were unveiled to the market. As part of the new brand launch, the Marketing team worked closely with Magnolia to ensure a seamless digital customer experience. 







The Challenge

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Increasing digital presence and operational efficiency

As a leading professional technology services company, NCS endeavours to provide an integrated and seamless brand experience to their clients and partners. It was important for NCS to find a solution and platform that allows the company to communicate its brand story, messages and thought leadership across multiple channels, simply and effectively. The platform should also be easy to use yet scalable to allow NCS to build up its digital experience ecosystem in an agile manner.

The Solution


Operating across different APAC regions will mean having to deal with website performance, latency challenges and locating their resources as close as possible to their end users.


Adopting multi-cloud deployment for Magnolia

NCS moved from an on-premise setup of Magnolia CMS to a multi-cloud deployment model – leveraging Magnolia PaaS as well as a self-hosted environment on AliCloud for the China market. Using Magnolia’s multi-site capability, NCS was able to deploy its content efficiently acoss China, Singapore and Australia websites.


Flexible Content Templates and Component Structure 

Magnolia’s flexible content structure allows NCS content editors to quickly change page content and reuse the same templates across several pages such as landing pages and campaign sites with minimal need for developer assistance. The same templates and components are sharable across other regions for ease of adaptation.


Sharing content across multiple websites

By establishing a parent and child content structure, content can be populated automatically across different websites. For example, corporate information need only be updated in the HQ website in Singapore, and the updated information will be automatically rolled out across other sites, where appropriate. Regional websites are also given the flexibility to “detach” themselves from the automatic content update, where needed. 


Strong support from the Magnolia team

The Magnolia team also provide NCS with strong support during the critical period of the NCS brand launch, going over and beyond expectations to help ensure the new website is launched on time. The team has provided clear guidelines on implementation and were always readily available to provide support to NCS, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free migration process.

The Result


Increased customer experience and teams productivity

The most successful outcome was the consolidation of all of NCS’ digital properties for their three brand websites, across Singapore, Australia, and China, which was achieved using the Magnolia Digital Asset Manager. This allows for seamless updates on the backend across different websites and devices. 

It was also crucial that when customers interacted with the brand on any of its digital properties, they have a consistent, uniform experience. NCS achieved this by using Magnolia DX Core to facilitate the flow of content across different devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops, thereby eliminating the need to redesign and recreate content to suit different formats and screens.

Efficiency was also significantly increased due to the integration between Magnolia CMS and NCS’ existing infrastructure and tools. 

With Magnolia’s constant improvements, NCS is confident that their websites can grow with their company and accommodate any developments they pursue going forward. Thanks to the partnership, NCS can now move faster and further with Magnolia.

With Magnolia CMS, we can create websites that automatically support a variety of devices. Creating the websites is simple and updates can be performed in a timely manner, which is paramount for our marketing team.
Winnie Tan

Winnie Tan

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications at NCS

We chose Magnolia CMS due to Magnolia's open-architecture and platform features – allowing NCS to build a best-of-fit digital ecosystem for our own needs. Having an agile and flexible platform will allow us to continuously enhance and scale our digital marketing capability.
Desmond Phua

Desmond Phua

Principal Consultant, XperienceDesign - NEXT Solutions at NCS


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