Magnolia doubles its sales success by speeding up digital innovation for enterprises

dic. 14, 2016 | 13:51 p. m.

Magnolia, the Swiss enterprise CMS software company, has just completed a highly successful year, where it nearly doubled its net new sales and achieved a 25% revenue growth. The growth was fueled by ambitious developments, including: increasing its employees by one third, expanding an APAC office in Vietnam, and product improvements that enable increased speed of digital innovation.

Major new clients in 2016 for Magnolia include Tesco, Fendi, TalkTalk, Hannoversche Lebensversicherung, Pathé Suisse and Kuhn Rikon.

Top UK retailers now on Magnolia

Magnolia extended its reach in the UK, one of the world’s most developed online retail markets. Three out of the UK's top 20 online retailers now use Magnolia for content-driven commerce.

Rapidly growing presence in Asia

Magnolia’s strong presence in Europe and the Americas is now set to be rolled out to Asia, with the expansion of its Vietnam office. More than one fifth of Magnolia’s employees now work there, catering to growing demand in Asia. As well as contributing to the development of Magnolia products, the office also provides sales and consultancy across the Asia region.

New cloud offering speeds innovation

2016 was a significant year as Magnolia launched its cloud enterprise CMS offering, Magnolia NOW, allowing it to build on its fast Light Development modules to enable companies to innovate with more speed and agility. With the creation of a new product, Magnolia renamed its flagship product as Magnolia CORE, and added component personalization to its capabilities, allowing clients to easily tailor content to their various audiences by changing only parts of a page.

“Speed and freedom to innovate are the cornerstones of success for content-driven commerce,” said Boris Kraft, co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Magnolia. “However, this is exactly where most of the industry fails its customers. Cloud-based Magnolia NOW and Light Development provide the fastest way to continuously innovate, improve and deploy digital offerings.”

“Magnolia NOW removes the hassle of operating an enterprise-grade environment, while Magnolia’s Light Development turns Magnolia into a headless enterprise CMS, allowing fully front-end driven development. Together, these technologies allow any organization to successfully master the challenges of digital transformation.”

Digitization drives demand for flexibility

“There is a growing sophistication in digitization of our customers’ businesses, from retail to finance,” confirmed Pascal Mangold, co-founder and CEO of Magnolia. “Consumers want clear and personalized web experiences, and that usually involves a number of different back-end systems. Our clients are looking for the optimal way to offer multi-brand, multi-site experiences that give them flexibility and the ability to make the most of their current resources. As a result, Magnolia has experienced a rise in deals of high worth, as well as a high retention rate from clients who value a flexible, enterprise-grade CMS.”

Magnolia recognition from the media

Magnolia was once again selected as one of the top 100 digital companies by EContent, a leading industry publication. It was also chosen as one of the top 10 content management systems of 2016 in a Tech Radar article.