A third of financial marketers still rely on IT to make basic edits to their website

abr. 21, 2020 | 11:00 a. m.

Despite increasingly digital-first customers, a third (31%) of marketers working in the financial sector must rely on IT to make even basic edits to their websites. That’s according to new research from leading content management (CMS) provider, Magnolia.

The Magnolia report, ‘The state of CMS in the financial sector,’ incorporates a survey of 200 marketers and IT professionals and examines the unique needs and challenges of marketers in the financial sector.

It reveals that more than a third (34%) of financial marketers need IT to make basic changes to their SEO, while 38% still rely on IT to analyse customer data. Furthermore, 79% of financial marketers feel their IT department is not open to collaboration with marketing.

The report also highlights some of the key challenges holding financial marketers back, with one in five marketers (21%) citing internal bureaucracy as their number one challenge, followed by slowness of implementation (17%) and lack of ownership (10%).

Commenting on the research, Rasmus Skjoldan, CMO at Magnolia said, “Today’s customers expect the very best digital experiences, whether on mobile, in-app or online. But with centralised processes, strict IT and compliance policies and cumbersome marketing technologies, this can present a real challenge for the financial sector.

“Today’s marketers should be able to craft their own digital experiences, without the need to work directly with IT. At the same time, IT should feel safe in the knowledge that these digital experiences meet their strict security and compliance policies. By investing in the development of tools that work for marketers and IT teams, both sides of the business can save valuable time and money.

To download the full “The State of CMS in the Financial Sector” report, please click here.

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