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Increasing customer loyalty and offering personalized experiences, both in-store and online

Coop Alleanza 3.0 was founded on January 1, 2016 through a merger of Coop Adriatica, Coop Consumatori Nordest and Coop Estense, making it the biggest cooperative in Italy and one of the top three in Europe. In Coop, owners are the consumers: they came together to achieve better prices and quality in the goods and services that they purchase. Now Coop Alleanza 3.0 boasts a network of 419 shops (56 Ipercoop and 363 supermarkets) located in 12 regions of Italy.

To improve customer experience, Coop Alleanza 3.0 used Magnolia to offer customers an interactive digital experience in-store. Online and offline have come together, allowing customers to check and compare product and service descriptions, reviews and offers, as well as to update their own profiles on digital displays in stores. As a result, Coop has been able to increase customer loyalty and offer a personalized customer experience (personalization in ecommerce), both in-store and online, and therefore answered the question "what is personalization in ecommerce?"


The Challenge


Provide an interactive digital experience to customers in-store

Online shopping around the world has allowed customers to access product and service information, reviews and deals with a couple of clicks. Coop Alleanza 3.0 wanted to offer its customers interactive digital content to increase their engagement in-store. It needed to ensure it could offer its customers the same digital experience both online and in-store. It was important that the in-store digital presence be integrated with other mobile channels to offer a seamless customer experience.

First of all, it aimed to increase awareness of its services, but it also wanted to enable Coop members to view and update their personal data in-store, while having access to location-specific content in different stores.

The Solution

A flexible platform for a multichannel digital experience

Coop Alleanza 3.0 wanted to create a vibrant in-store network capable of managing content, promotions, offers and loyalty cards. To do this, it worked with Square Reply, a Magnolia partner specializing in the design, implementation and delivery of solutions related to digital multichannel sales and digital content strategy.

A multichannel digital experience

Square Reply decided to use Magnolia as the platform for this multichannel digital strategy. It started by developing a digital signage network, made up of 14 digital totems and printers, one ATM point and one desktop.

Half of the network is dedicated to broadcast multimedia content, while the other half is made up of interactive totems which allow customers to interact using a multi-touch device. They can browse targeted content, view and update their personal data and print e-coupons, special offers and rewards.

The digital information displays are used throughout the store for branding, merchandising, promoting products and entertaining customers. As well as providing a visually appealing area that attracts customers, they enhance the shopping experience.

Building engagement and loyalty

Stores have an interactive multi-business corner enabling customers to check their loyalty card points and available rewards. They can also receive and print personalized offers like e-coupons or generic promotions.

To keep the personal touch, the stores also have assistants in the Multi-Business Corner to help customers participate in a survey that allows Coop to collect consumer profile information related to the services offered.

Easy to manage content and assets

The solution implemented by Square Reply allows fast and easy content creation and management through a specific customization of Magnolia. Coop Alleanza 3.0 users are able to use a unique centralized system to create and publish content for different channels. This includes managing digital assets like photos and videos, and displaying content previews for each totem before publishing new pages.

Square Reply also used personalization for the project, to ensure that Coop customers would be served up relevant content on landing pages and through marketing campaigns. With Magnolia, it’s easy to create unlimited variants of the same page, targeted at different audience groups based on user behavior or user traits.

The Result

A vibrant digital in-store presence that increases loyalty and engagement

Coop Alleanza 3.0 originally wanted to increase customer loyalty and engagement. In addition to achieving these aims, the company has revitalized its image as a brand willing to invest in the digital future. Coop is now able to gather more customer information, which has enabled it to develop a unified view of customers and its relationships with them. This allows it to offer customers targeted personalized content. With Magnolia, Coop is able to offer content across channels, providing customers a seamless customer experience.

Coop Alleanza 3.0 is planning to continue developing its digital in-store presence, offering customers an innovative service that exceeds their expectations. It aims to add more solutions around customer engagement and content management, allowing it to optimize its interactions for better customer service across all channels.

Magnolia is a great easy-to-use platform! Thanks to its open architecture, we easily integrated Magnolia with our own systems in order to provide all the data required through the token. We can also quickly control page components, creating and editing our content through a simple and user-friendly interface.
Francesco Soda

Francesco Soda

Manager at Coop Alleanza 3.0

The solution that we implemented had to guarantee fast and easy content creation and management for in-store multi-touch devices in order to provide customers with e-coupons, special offers, rewards and an interface to update their personal data. Magnolia’s flexibility, adaptability and openness to integration allowed us to easily implement a specific customization of the platform, saving time and finishing the project within the challenging deadline that we had.
Michele Miraglia

Michele Miraglia

Manager at Square Reply


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