80% of marketers want to pick their own CMS, but IT still has the final say

Feb. 3, 2020 | 10:00 vorm.

The overwhelming majority of marketers (80%) want to pick their own CMS, but new research from leading content management provider, Magnolia, reveals IT still has the final say when it comes to marketing tech.

The Magnolia report, ‘The State of CMS: 2020 & Beyond’ incorporates a survey of over 200 marketers across both the UK and US, and looks to build a deeper understanding of what it is that businesses need from their content management systems.

The report finds that just 24% of marketers are CMS-purchase decision makers, compared to 57% of IT teams. After IT, the CMS-purchase decision makers are developers (35%), followed closely by senior management (30%).

Commenting on the research findings, Darren Hitchcock, General Manager at Magnolia said: “When selecting a CMS, it can be all too easy for teams to make siloed decisions that only account for their needs. IT teams typically lean towards platforms that provide maximum security; developers opt for those with open architectures and robust APIs; whereas marketers look towards functionality for SEO, design and publishing speed.”

He added: “Generally speaking, business leaders turn to IT for technology-related decisions and advice — and selecting a CMS is no exception. Unfortunately, this means that other teams are forgotten about, including those who rely on the CMS every day. To overcome this, businesses need platforms that provide benefits to both groups — focusing on security, flexibility and simplicity for the end user.”

To download the full ‘The State of CMS: 2020 & Beyond’ report, click here.

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This report incorporates data from a study of 100 in-house marketers in the US, 100 in-house marketers in the UK, 100 senior IT decision makers in the US and 100 senior IT professionals in the UK. The study was commissioned by Magnolia and conducted by independent research house Censuswide. The study was completed in June 2019.