The Headless Accelerator by Magnolia









Speed up your headless projects with one set of Web Components and one unified workflow—for your entire customer experience.

Best-In-Class Headless for Your Enterprise

Magnolia offers the most flexible, connected, and easy-to-use headless CMS for the enterprise. The Magnolia REST and GraphQL APIs, together with our Visual SPA Editor, are already great tools to create amazing experiences for your customers and empower both your developers and marketers. 

With the Headless Accelerator, we also give you a complete solution to accelerate the production of your frontends, via ready-made Web Components that you can reuse across all your websites and apps.

Faster time to market

Instead of starting from scratch start developing with ready-made functional UI patterns for a faster go-live. Now your developers don’t need to spend time learning a new CMS. They also won’t lose velocity when changing to a new framework or technology.

Lower risk and costs

Your UI components will not be built around technology. So if you want to change your backend, get a new frontend team for a new campaign, or even drop it into your legacy system - you can easily do so, without having to change anything. 

Seamless brand experiences

With one centralized design system, you can reuse the same components for every site and every app. So, any change you make in one place can be cascaded everywhere — ensuring true consistency across the entire customer journey.

One Design System. One Workflow. Any Frontend

The Headless Accelerator by Magnolia includes a rich set of ready-made Web Components that work with the CMS and the Jamstack, documented into a central design system, and a unified workflow to customize and deliver them to any frontend application. Watch the video below to learn more. 

Ready-made Web Components

Extensive library of ready-made components, ranging from Complex Navigation, Hero Areas, Shopping Cart, and more - anything you need in your web project, ready to be styled and made your own. We’ve done the initial heavy lifting for you.

Front-end agnostic

Clean APIs which you can use with any frontend framework like React, Angular, Vue, and Svelte. You can change frameworks without having to change anything, or use your components with more than one framework at the same time. Write once, run everywhere.

Encapsulated and reusable

Components are isolated, not affecting each other, which makes development faster and safer. You can opt to use only the components you need and gradually start taking advantage of what we provide. Update a component in one place for the change to take effect everywhere.

State-of-the-art performance

Components are developed using the latest and greatest web standards and practices to achieve state-of-the-art performance, SEO, and accessibility. We really went the extra mile, so that you lower your risk and deliver top-notch user experiences.

Unified development workflow

An end-to-end workflow that guides you on how to create and deliver your components to your web app. All based on web standards to deliver your updates smoothly and safely. Every component update is automatically tested, both visually and technically.

Fully documented

Everything you need to use Web Components in your projects. The documentation we provide includes blueprints and instructions on how to customize the layout, as well as code examples to get you started.

Seamless Cross-Functional Collaboration

A central design framework empowers your UX, content, and development teams to seamlessly work together across the entire customer experience.


Developers get full freedom to design their frontend components in their preferred language. 

They can start working on the frontend without waiting for backend data sources or learning a new CMS. The Headless Accelerator doesn’t introduce any new syntax, nor any new concept about dialog definition - it’s the only tool developers need to work on their Jamstack.


Marketers are empowered to work with content and create experiences in the comfortable Magnolia UI. 

Once developers have provisioned the components, marketers can mix and match them, change their content, and preview how the experience will look like for the end-user. A WYSIWYG visual editor offers them full creative reign and control, even in headless scenarios.

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*Note that you need a Magnolia DX Core license in order to use the Headless Accelerator in your projects.