TRIMM is a full service internet agency.

Established in 1993, TRIMM has been pioneering and crafting the internet for over 20 years, becoming a true digital partner for multinationals in the B2B realm. With a strong track record in High Tech, Industrial, Telecom and Educational Sectors, we craft effective and beautiful digital solutions that add value to your business. Over 110 passionate professionals develop solutions to create meaningful connections between you and your clients, your clients and their customers and all the devices they interact with.

TRIMM has more than 10 years of experience in Magnolia. As a certified Magnolia partner, our developers take pride in being very active in the Magnolia community by way of feedback, bug reporting and creating new features. With our extensive experience, we are not only able to optimize the configuration and functionality of Magnolia, but we are also very experienced in integrating Magnolia with other applications in the digital enterprise landscape.

TRIMM offers full professional Magnolia support: we take care of the design, implementation, maintenance and worldwide performance hosting of your Magnolia platform. Magnolia is a powerful CMS which we use in enterprise environments that are highly demanding in terms of security, scalability and international appeal. Check out the case of Philips My Technology Portal as an example of a great Magnolia project.

Magnolia projects by TRIMM