Elevate your Angular apps with Magnolia

Don’t leave your authors and editors behind. Build entire sites in Angular while providing them with full in-context visual editing.


Why magnolia

What makes Magnolia the best Headless CMS for Angular apps?

The big issue with using a headless CMS to supply content to Angular apps and sites has always been the loss of control by authors and editors.

They are restricted to form-based editors to produce presentation-agnostic content that can be used in Angular apps. But with form-based editing, they can’t see how their changes impact the app until it’s live. It also means any content changes beyond simple copy edits create unnecessary work for developers since authors can’t do much themselves.

Magnolia headless CMS finally puts an end to this problem. Authors get full visual editing to make content and formatting changes without bothering you. Our API delivers the content as clean JSON that can be used on any digital channel.

Magnolia Visual SPA Editor

Introducing the Visual SPA Editor

You enjoy the speed and dynamism of Angular. Authors and editors need to see the experiences they’re building, not just add text to forms.

The Visual SPA editor gives the best of both worlds. Your Angular components are matched to Magnolia components, so authors can make content changes with WYSIWYG and drag-and-drop abilities, all while maintaining the integrity of your Angular site.

Faster Front-End Development

Integrate Apps easily

Magnolia ships with the front-end helpers you need to integrate your front-end apps like Angular. They map your Angular components to Magnolia components, with those relationships allowing for the in-context editing that sets our CMS apart.

Work your Way

If you're anything like us, you prefer to stick with your favorite tools when writing code. With Magnolia's headless CMS, you always get to work with your favorite text editor, whether it’s Sublime, Atom, or any other option that works best for you.

Go Low-code

Slim YAML configuration ensures you quickly accomplish the tasks you’ll encounter most often. You can model content, template, create apps, and provision REST endpoints. This helps you get projects launched faster than ever before.

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