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CMS 行业风向指南

Magnolia 已在《网站内容管理行业风向指南》中得到认可,该指南对 Ars Logica 认为与当前市场相关性最高的技术平台进行了独立评测。


Ars Logica


“Magnolia 建立的技术平台具有无与伦比的架构灵活性、市场领先的易管理性和出色的可用性 [...] 这些特点使 Magnolia 的最佳产品策略对于那些寻求基于 Java 的集成平台作为未来广泛开发计划的基础的企业很有吸引力。”

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About the report

Title: Compass Guide to WCM, Q4 2020

Analyst firm: Ars Logica

Published: 21 October 2020

The Compass Guide to Web Content Management consists of a series of individual, in-depth evaluations of the WCM technology platforms that Ars Logica considers to be most relevant in the current market. Each report covers one WCM platform and makes no attempt to provide comparative insight. This report provides an in-depth evaluation of Magnolia.