The Forrester Wave: Agile Content Management Systems (CMSes) Q1 2021

Magnolia recognised as a Contender in the newly launched Forrester Wave for Agile Content Management Systems, Q1 2021.

With the CMS market shifting from web to multichannel and from monolith to decoupled, customers are today looking for content management solutions which put flexibility, agility and digital experiences at the heart of their designs. 

This newly launched Forrester Wave marks the beginning of a new breed of Agile Content Management Systems, combining flexibility, headless and multichannel content with a higher level of developer support. 

In Magnolia© vendor profile, the report states that they offer strong workflows and approvals, as well as experience management. Magnolia is a good fit for companies in financial services, hospitality, and media that are looking to assemble their DX stack and incorporate an open, proven CMS.

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  • The state of the Agile CMS market

  • The capabilities of each vendor in the market today

  • Why brands should embrace agile content management systems in 2021


Today, brands have learned that success in adapting to the market depends on speed and agility. In this regard, Magnolia’s light development approach has really paid off, allowing developers to hit the ground running with an optimised and agile approach to content management.

And it’s not just our headless frontend. Crafting the ideal content authoring UI is also central to project agility — something which Magnolia has optimized for the developer market.
 Christopher Zimmermann

Christopher Zimmermann

Product Manager, Magnolia

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About the Report

The Forrester Wave™: Agile Content Management Systems (CMSes), Q1 2021

Nick Barber, with Allen Bonde, Sara Sjoblom, and Madison Bakalar 

22. February 2021

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