Rubén Ávila's Interview, Business Applications Competence Center Manager, Applus

Rubén Ávila

1. At Magnolia Amplify 2019 you will present the digital transformation of Applus. What can you tell us about your presentation?

In the event we will explain how and why we chose Magnolia as the CMS for Applus's global presence on the website, and what type of project was presented.

2. What role did Magnolia and atSistemas played in the digital transformation of Applus?

Magnolia as a vendor helped us to identify what license we really needed. In the implementation, Magnolia's specialized consultants helped us to solve our needs in the best possible way. atSistemas, the integrator selected after our RFP process, is doing a great job by creating the basis of a system that will help us to generate new sites quickly and efficiently by reusing the components that are part of the main project.

3. In your experience with Applus, which elements would you highlight for a successful digital transformation?

On the one hand, is to understand what really brings value to the business; If these elements are perfectly identified and prioritized, there can be a faster “functional / technical” implementation steps. Another important point, is the speed the market moves, and being able to "fail fast" in order to know where to focus your efforts; If something doesn't work in a pilot test, it is better to redirect the course.

4. If you could only tell 2 things to the participants of the event, what would you tell them?

That in my presentation, I will focus on my experience with Applus and how was the approach to the Magnolia deployment project and what vision of the future we have when we selected Magnolia as the main CMS for our company.

5. Lastly, please tell us a little bit about you and Applus.

As head of the Business Application Competence Center, our daily challenges are to understand what the business requires in terms of IT and how the tools we have or that we can have will solve them by being cost and time effective. These challenges encourage my team and I, to be in constantly changing and adapting to an organization that is consistently evolving with the market.