Prosegur + Magnolia


Prosegur + Magnolia

Magnolia is a cost-effective system that coped perfectly with our complex organization. It adapted very well to our highly segmented company and is easy to use by all non-IT personnel giving us exceptional content design-to-publish lead times.
prosegur-Santiago Lecomte

Santiago Lecomte

Global HRIS Director at Prosegur


Prosegur is a global private security company headquartered in Spain. The company's purpose is to make the world a safer place, taking care of people and businesses while staying at the forefront of innovation. Prosegur provides its clients with the most advanced solutions on the market, equipped with a high technological component and designed to add value to the service. Just like its best practices towards the market, Prosegur wanted to upgrade its existing intranet to also provide its employees with a modern technological solution, resulting in a better user experience.

The challenge

A long-standing, high-cost infrastructure

Prosegur had been using the webcenter interaction application from a major market player for its intranet but wanted more than what they had been receiving. The solution had become too expensive to maintain and it also suffered from a poor user experience. Adding new functionality required a significant number of development hours and the intranet wasn’t optimized for mobile use, which was a problem since 120,000 employees out of 150,000 only used mobile devices.

Prosegur sought out a new platform that would be more cost-effective, could provide a better user experience both internally and externally, as well as support multichannel use across the web and mobile devices.

The solution

A Java-based DXP

Prosegur opted for Magnolia to build its new intranet – not only because the company's public website was already running on Magnolia, but also due to the proven quality and cost-effectiveness of the platform. The Java-based platform was ideal for Prosegur’s IT team and provided a solid user experience with the ability to support the heavy traffic of their staff.

Both an intranet and an extranet were created and fully integrated via REST APIs and SOAP with Prosegur’s pre-existing HR and business systems. The intranet is hosted on-premise, and the Prosegur team leveraged Magnolia’s headless capabilities for mobile. Also, they integrated other third-party systems, including Cegid-Meta4, Oracle HCM, Azure AD (Active Directory), and internally developed business apps.

The result

Connecting hundreds of thousands of personel

Since working with Magnolia, Prosegur has connected all its 160,000 users (including external contractors) in one single global environment that spans across 26 countries, 5 businesses, and 5 languages. The internal team has praised Magnolia’s no-code content management capabilities and labeled it the key to many of their HR and business processes.

With 1900 published pages and 3000 published news, the new intranet handles 270,000 monthly accesses through desktop and 70 000 monthly accesses through mobile.