How Tour de Suisse built an innovative bike configuration tool with Magnolia

Using Magnolia, Tour de Suisse allows customers to design individual bikes and enjoy the ultimate personalized CX.


Bike Manufacturer


Arvato Systems


Innovation meets personalization

Tour de Suisse (TDS) has been producing individual bicycles and e-bikes for the Swiss market since 1934. Ergonomics, comfort and safety are top priorities for the manufacturer, making TDS bikes both practical and high quality.

Thanks to Magnolia and its implementation partner Arvato Systems, customers can build on a bike's basic technical and design configuration using a wide range of options and features. Each bike is personalized from the pedal to the handlebar.


Creating a modern, individualized customer journey

Following a rebrand, Tour de Suisse faced the challenge of reflecting that new identity on its website. Along with style issues, the site also had problems with mobile implementation.

TDS had a vision for its new website: to develop a new configuration tool reusing existing logic from an old version. The new tool would include up to one million possible variations for bikes and address different target groups, from dealers to end customers. This would require a clear interface to cut through the complexity of the tool.



Migration to Magnolia 6

Having worked with Magnolia in previous years, Tour de Suisse knew the content management system would be a good fit for this project too. The TDS website was migrated to Magnolia 6 and modern frontend technologies and REST APIs were used to implement the configurator tool. This would enable easy extensibility as well as flexible use on different devices.


Hybrid-Headless Implementation

The extensibility of Magnolia's content app infrastructure was a key success factor in building the configuration tool in the shortest possible time. Hybrid headless functionalities made it possible to separate the backend from the frontend but still give authors an easy-to-use page editor to generate SEO-friendly content that helps TDS grow.

Displaying complex product configurations

To improve the configurator's capacity, Arvato Systems extended the basic imaging functionalities to generate more than 15,000 color variations of bicycles in various combinations.

Improved responsive design and optimized user journey

With the new website, Tour de Suisse can take advantage of A/B testing and gradually optimize the user experience based on best solutions.

1 million

Possible product versions


Picture variations


Magnolia CMS in use

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