IT System Administrator

Basel, Switzerland

About the opportunity

IT System Administrator

***Please note that for this role physical presence in our HQ in Basel, Switzerland is vital.***

As an IT System Administrator at Magnolia, you will be part of the internal infrastructure team responsible for administering IT solutions across our global operations. Whilst there are many existing systems to maintain, there are always exciting new challenges. Among other things, we are currently working on migrating from Atlassian Server to Atlassian Cloud, linking our Magnolia license server with Salesforce, simplifying our user directory structure, and evaluating new options for VPN access.

The details

What things you’ll be doing?

  • Using puppet, maintain the Debian-based platform which hosts our tools and internal solutions;

  • Assist the departments with their procurement and, subsequently administration of tooling;

  • Work on and develop automations for our identity management systems, used for authentication and authorization of user accounts, both for staff as well as for customers and partners;

  • Help manage the network infrastructure, including wifi and VPN solutions;

  • Maintaining the documentation of our infrastructure solutions;

  • Pushing for continuous improvements in terms of processes and security

What do we need from you?

  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • “Can do” attitude
  • Desire to keep learning and growing
  • Courage to suggest new approaches that solve problems in a better way
  • Experience in the administration of GNU/Linux systems using configuration management and orchestration tools
  • Experience in scripting/programming and version-control
  • Experience in networking
  • Ideally, you also have experience with some of the following: Debian, sh/bash scripting, puppet, apache, LDAP, SAML2, bind9, iptables/nft, wireguard, static routing, UniFi, OPNsense, python, Jira, Jenkins, Nexus, automation of Google Suite, Zoom, Slack, ISO 27001, ITIL.

So, who are we?

  • We are a fun and open-minded bunch of colleagues spread across the globe.
  • Aside from work, we are parents, gamers, bookworms, athletes, adrenaline junkies, philosophers, and so much more.
  • Yearly company trip. We’ve just been to Interlaken/Switzerland - we’d love to see you at the next one!
  • Constant learning and knowledge sharing with some of the best professionals in the industry.
  • Lateral and vertical growth opportunities.
  • Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility.
  • Remote-friendly vibes.

We are for you if you like to…

  • take charge: You are in the driver’s seat and set the direction according to what customers, colleagues and cultures need. No matter the roadblocks you see ahead, you take charge in (re)shaping the destination.

  • connect: You never drive alone. Building meaningful connections means creating experiences together that form a foundation of trust so next time there’s a bump in the road, you know someone else has your back.

  • be you: Choose your own ways and means. You make every perspective count so that everyone feels safe enough to follow their purpose and at the same time pursue one common goal. Your way of growing is to mutually question yourself and others.


  • Please submit your application in English; it’s our company language so you’ll be speaking lots of it if you join
  • Please click on the link below in order to proceed
  • We treat all candidates equally: If you have any questions, please reach out to our contact
  • We’re on a mission to make everyone feel valued at work. We embrace and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply.
  • Not sure you meet 100% of our qualifications? Please apply anyway!

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